If you won the lotto....

…what TWO bikes would you buy?

Mine would be:

  1. MV Augusta limited edition

  2. Custom Superduke - But all black (loose the orange bits)

Although admittedly there are a shed load of different ones I’d probably love too.

Honda NR750

Yamaha R7 :blush:

I’d have a collection but for starters I’d settle on a pair of his n hers Pedego Boomerangs :wink:

I would have an MV Augusta F4CC only 100 ever made and cost £100k, I would have it mounted on a show plinth in my man cave and then for an every day ride I would have a brand new CBR1000RR SP and have it sprayed orange and black :slight_smile:

Honda RC30/45

Should probably say some sort of rare old Norton or Vincent but I currently lust after those Ducati Streetfighter S

This one for me



They’re lovely bikes, the brutale dragster s is another for me on the shortlist!

What kind of win are we talking about here? My best result of a tenner doesn’t buy a lot of bike porn.

you may laugh but I would buy a Honda cub, but only the one with the round headlight, and make it mint

Norton domiracer , mototguzzi MGS 01




Lol, I sympathise greatly there. I’m the same.

This is another bulk of sexy metal: http://il-ducatista.com/ducati-hypermotard-c2-design/

If I was ever in the financial position, I’d buy a mint condition, low mileage NC35 (RVF 400). I think I’d need to win the jackpot, given the price that such an old bike can command.

As for the second bike? I think I’d keep the one that I’ve got and use the winnings to keep the bloody thing working!

Nice Desmo

  1. KTM Superduke GT

  2. I’ll come back to you on that.


1965 Velocette Thruxton and and Aprilia RSV4.

What is that?

It’s a Tricked out Fireblade

Why has no - one opted for the 1989 NC30?? (VFR400)

I would buy 2 more of the Yam R3. Nah sod it, 6 more… One for each day of the week. :blush: