If you won the lottery...

I’d probably set up a fund for families of bikers that have passed on, or for paralysed or seriously hurt bikers. Probably use some of it to finance parlimentary bills to get all vehicle users to spend some time on a bike as part of their test. Also use some of it to set up an idependent theft of motorcycle database which can be queried by the public: you put the engine or frame number in, for example and it tells you if it is stolen or not…

buy a house take lots of drugs get loads of hoes in and waste all my money


I’d buy a nice detached 5 bed house with a huge garage for my bikes and cars, then invest the rest of it and live comfortably.

pish it up against a wall probably.

then die of liver failure knowing me…

Half to cancer research, the rest on houses, bikes and more bikes :smiley:

+1 with this

If you talking a good few million, then after giving family some money, and some to friends, I think I would emigrate to a country with far better roads and far more sunshine and there I would simply buy a small place with a fairly large garage and fill it with bikes and then while away the rest of my life riding around in glorious sunshine, on great roads, riding great bikes.

If you talking more just 1 or 2m I would probably still go to work, cause I am looking forward to my job, I would buy a little place somewhere outside of London with a nice garage and then spend the rest on family, friends and motorbikes.

I would buy an Aston Martin too. Probably a DB9 or maybe the DBS. Would have to test drive them and see.

just for the record seeing as this describes my life. I haven’t won the lotto :smiley:

Depends on the pot. If it was just the regular lottery I would probably buy a house and move. To Canada.

If it was the Euromillions, give most of it to charities and then buy a house and move to Canada.

Keep it a big secret and then put it in the bank alongside my last win :stuck_out_tongue:

I did win… last nights Euromillions!!! but £11.60 isn’t buying me much and I won’t be sponsoring PJ racing team:D

Why am i struggling witht his one?

I actually really enjoy my life as I have it. :cool: Of course i would love less/no work, a slightly bigger house, better roads, more bikes, more track day events (possible ride for PJ) better weather, more money in the bank and the kids future sorted would be nice.

I would love to buy my Dads old Police boat and let him cruise up and down the Thames again.

Thats teh dream anyway…until Mel decides what we will actually do with the money :hehe: