If you won the lottery...

What would you do with the dosh?

give most away

Cleverbot reckons he’d buy manga.

Pay off my student loan, buy a car bike and house, send some money over to Colombia! (to my family not for anything else!) pay for a holiday with all my mates, buy a race track and invite LB’s arounnd for a good time.

I have come across two types of obscenely wealthy people- the first tend to use their wealth primarily to subjugate others- and as a result they tend to be selfish, miserable and mean. The second type use their wealth to live a quiet, benevolent and fulfilled life. I’d like to think I’d go for the latter option but I’d probably enjoy the first too.:slight_smile:

Quit my job, buy a house in good motorcycling territory with lots of bendy, mountainous roads, and with a large garage. Then I will start to collect… :cool:

Also I would invite every motorcycle racing team to come over, pay me some nice compliments, and give me a brand new bike for free :smiley:

quietly spend it and hope no one twigs i’ve got shed loads of cash :smiley:


Depending on how big the win was, I’d want a yacht bigger than Abramovich’s…

We won on the lottery the other week. Topped up the electric key :D:D

You’d have to win the Euro Millions roll over 5 times !

Spend it on dodgy things.

All kinda depends on how much i won!!!
probaly emigrate:D

Me and the wife have talked about this and if it where “a lot” then the kids would have substantial trust funds . . We would give a generous amount to her parents “my outlaws are awesome” Then we would enjoy ourselves. Wifes main worry was all the begging letters ! ! ! My reply was i would keep on writing them :smiley:

Fingers crossed.

The question is, if you won the lottery, would you keep on playing?

We’ll join you;)

i’d buy my dream…my very own fishery, most likely in france, tho possibly here, it wouled be a predator fishery, and if i could i would also have carp and other species lake.

then i’d buy an RG500, 996R, RGV250, SV650 all years:D SV1000S and Nekkid…SORTED!!!:cool:

Id take my closest friends for a bike trip around the world, all paid for… LOTS of offroad and twisties! Then invest half of the money that is left and with the rest i would give it to my parents and charity.

Depending on how much i’d win I’d treat my parents, my sister and her family, maybe buy them a bigger house as she is expecting twins :D, donate sum money to the London Air Ambulance and get myself a house and a new bike :wink:

…yeah, that’s what I’d do methinks:D:D:D:D

Apart from the obvious, big house, cars and bikes, depending on how much it was i would love to have my own race team.