If you wanted a week away from everything where would you go?

I’m thinking Patagonia. But it prob take a week to get there! Then hire a bike and go exploring for a few days. Then come back to all the madness.

Or perhaps Lanarkshire is remote enough.

I live in rural Oxfordshire- I am away from things.

I’d go to a metropolis- probably Tokyo or NYC.

Cook islands or Tahiti… but would prob take you longer than to get to Patagonia…

Could try Eagle watching on the Isle of Mull, and a visit to Iona, very spiritual.

Hong Kong is an awesome place.

Going to Oahu soon.

They’re both my fav places.

Ah thats such an easy one for me but not of a question off where would more where do and i tend to stay a little longer than a week…no roads,no cars,no concrete,no shops and only electricity 12 hours a day…might drag myself back next week…see you soon.



I’ve always wanted to go to Sark in the Channel Islands no vehicles other than bicycles. Failing that French Polynesia




midway island… :slight_smile:

A week on my toilet seat without my girlfriend asking me why I’m taking so long or what I’m doing…

For me these days I prefer an all inclusive resort where everything is within walking distant. People who don’t speak English ( really make you feel like you’re away from it all )

Casa Del Jetstream

Scotland! Or better yet, Wales!

Joking, I’d head to SA and the beaches there.

For a week’s break, I would want to do minimal travelling but get somewhere with decent weather - I would definitely go back to Andalucia, did some off roading there a couple of years ago and it was fantastic, or maybe to Morrocco, bit of offroad in the Atlas mountains and then a day by the sea in Essaouira

Lake Como, loved it.

^ +1

For a week I’d make sure I was getting maximum holiday time, minimum travel time. And I like the sun… So somewhere like Greece, Turkey, Cyprus… We were going to book Kos but now I think we might be moving again… Out the window with that pipe dream!


…the gentle sound of a lawnmower disturbing the breeze …

On a cruise ship.  Oh, I do that anyway, silly me ;0)

Hawaii.  Five-0