If you Want to end of the year being Dirty?




That looks right proper fun


Um that does look a like a fun thing to do, but I think the misses wouldn’t see it that way.


Are you going?

Avi and I did it last year, and are going back this year too


Im not
Think taking a 320kg tourer may not be the best choice …
well unless compared to taking Janey’s daytona 675 …
Just thought it may interest others…
Hmn memories of Imber on New Years day +1 many moons ago


This does sound like fun, actually (as mentioned elsewhere). I’m tempted.


Oooh! Ya mucky buggers!


It is very fun!

I’m not sure if you mean dirt biking in general or this event but both are great


350 riders turned up, £12,000 on the gate £3k costs final add up to be done, should be £9,000ish to local charities. Now that is how to have fun and raise money !