If you use Internet Explorer, you have a low IQ. Its official.



Always thought that was obvious :w00t:

Not actually what the report said, it said you are more likely to have a lower IQ if you use IE. Which is not the same.

Apparently using Opera puts you in the higher IQ test bracket, but it also makes you a ponce so what do you?

use chrome/FF :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I use Chrome and FF/Safari when Chrome stops working. The FF/Safari depends on which one I can find a short cut for first.

Obviously the study has a lot to do with how likely you are to veer from the norm and are technically able to do so as much as anything. I presume there’s a load of folks out there who pay no attention to warning notifications and have browsers that are full of ad ware. And a lot of those are not aware which browser they have been duped into using. Nowt to do with IQ in reality.

Chrome has won me over so far. Never tried Safari.

I mean, it’s like if you ride a Suzuki then we can draw all kinds of conclusions based on that… :Whistling:

LOL. say no more

i use Netscape :hehe:

I use Opera and I’d like to say thanks for the validation Kaos :wink: Thankfully the IQ allows me to decipher posts from Chrome users

no you dont! it dont support anything nowadays :stuck_out_tongue: well maybe as much as ie6 does…

Awesome Kaos… this is utterly UNINTERESTING media filler by a company promoting nothing except itself telling us NOTHING of value WHATSOEVER… but you can still argue as tho it means something… I admire your utter single minded pig-headedness when it comes to being a contrary sod! Hats off to ya fella, :slight_smile:

It’s a hoax…


Damn! I feel like such an IE user for bring this to you all :crying:

Regardless, it still wouldn’t suprise me if it were true.

what about mozilla users?)):hehe: