If you haven't seen the 1290 Super Duke R ......

… you really owe it to yourselves.



oh dear.


I really love these new wheel designs with the spokes that sort of ‘splay’ outwards… less flex apparently, but also stunning to look at :slight_smile:

very pretty

I like the exhaust system

there’s an exhaust? That little tiny thing? Beautiful though I am dubious about it being an OE emissions friendly 'zorst.

I already told Luke that it would be me doing any test riding. Sorry hahahahahahaha

I’ll be very interested in what the new SMT will look like a few years. :slight_smile:

mmmmmm nice

yeah, of course the road bike will look different, but hopefully not much. Hope it will be a little bit practical too, thats where my SD has a disadvantage - great for a day out, anything like a weekend or more away and its a pain in the arse.

Looks like an angry little wasp :smiley:

that looks sexy

I never used to consider KTMs but I’ve changed my mind in the last year

at first glance I thought it was a ducati.

Bright orange, and KTM in large letters? :unsure:

You should have gone to spec savers. :smiley:

Ha Ha! not surprised. best dust off those track leathers for that one! Rode the 1190R set up for the track, but on the road, and that was mental! fook knows what this will be like, but it is sure to be a missile.

owning one of these would be awesome, but short lived. hanging on to your licence could be a challenge.

ok so they painted the ducati in ktm colours

it has a side and undertail exhaust :slight_smile:

Nice to look at…Not sure id like to live with it as an only bike