If you don't ask, you don't get.....

Anyone with a big comfy tourer type bike fancy coming on a rideout to Swindon on Saturday morning and then letting me ride b*tch on the way back??!! :smiley: Happy to pay for fuel and a full works brekkie en-route :smiley:

As a few of you will know, Kermit (my ER-6F) is sick and needs to go to hospital. As I only bought him 8 weeks ago I need to take him back to the dealer I bought him from. Looking to leave London by 9am at the latest (earlier if we want to do a nice scenic/twisty route over!) as need to be back home by about 1pm. The RAC, has patched him up, so I should be fine getting him down there, but will need to leave him there for them to do the repair.

It’s very short notice, but thought it was worth asking the question. Happy to be dumped at any convenient tube station! If you’re willing to help, but don’t have a big tourer type, may be worth noting, I’m built for comfort rather than speed, but I’ll keep your back nice and warm!! :smiley:

Not sure what Mark’s doing but he’s got a nice comfy bike. :smiley:

If he’s free and willing that would be brilliant!! Not only because he’s almost as good a rider as you and has a lovely comfy FJR, but he’s also technical and won’t take any bullsh*t that the dealer might try and dish out.

Look forward to hearing :slight_smile:

I’m sure Mark will be up for it, He just loves munching the miles and anything for a free breakfast :slight_smile:
And defo the man for sorting the dealer out :smiley:

If he’s not busy and if Ang is happy to let me borrow him for the morning, then my fingers are crossed, but he also doesn’t strike me as the type that likes to feel press-ganged. So if anyone else is looking to go for a little ride out to grotty Swindon and doesn’t mind a pilly on the way back, let me know. Fuel and brekkie offer as in OP. :smiley:

Asbo what you doing on Saturday morning? :smiley:

Don’t think mine is quite suitable for a lady :wink:

Superdukes do pillions, but they are not the best of bikes for it - Very light steering :smiley:

I’d love to help but I’d have to do a pillion training beforehand, right now there’s just enough I can do to keep myself upright let alone another person :smiley:

Not one with a bum as big as mine Russ :smiley:

Thanks hun - you’ve got the right bike, but would feel nervous if you’re feeling nervous!!

Errrrrrrm - warranty work is covered by ALL Kawasaki dealers, you don’t HAVE to go to Swindon… FFS what are dealers telling you lot these days! Just call one close to you and if they tell you otherwise make a call to Kawasaki customer service!

Just seen from your sig its a 2010 so probably not within Kwaka warranty but dealer period - ignore this!!

Sorry Ally I am working Saturday. :smiley: Shame it would have been interesting. :smiley:

I suppose it depends on the age of the bike and whether it is being covered by Kawasaki’s warranty or the dealer offering six months warranty on the sale.

Either way at the moment I’m waiting to her about a Chicken Pox inoculation so I might be able to do Saturday morning either on the KTM or in the Skoda.

To my knowledge he is correct!

Are they going to give you any special treatment for delivering it to them? I doubt it…
Go local, makes you’re life a lot easier.

Mark - come mate - you work for yourself, you can move some stuff around, im willing to cover for you if that helps - its a damsel in distress!!! :slight_smile:

2 Up with luggage and your free :Whistling:

My missus loves coming on the back of my SDR. Admittedly I’ve not pushed it quite as much as I do without her but we still shift.

The missus happens to be the only one that seems to be willing to get on the back of my bike… No idea why? :Whistling:

I’m working on sat. Someone’s got to look after the dogs but it means I get the Sunday off to play on the bike :slight_smile:

If she wants a lift on the blade shes welcome, but she need some knee sliders!!!

Good job you’ve also got a nice beemer then - perfect for a 2 up trip to the countryside :smiley: