If you absolutely have to get your knee(s) down...

…get yourself a roller suit.This guy is obviously nuts, but I love the bit where he overtakes the bike right at the end of the video.

Sorry about the poor quality.

Real Life Autobot By Jean Yves Blondeau
Uploaded by danbizet. - Dramatic race and crash videos.

Map of the Problematiq, probably one of my all time favorite tunes. Also that guy was on Top gear or something with James May maybe, pretty mental bloke.

i saw this a while ago and was speechless… the speed he gets is mad… i just wana know how he stops…

how fast does he go?

must go through a fair few knee sliders!:smiley:

he could give caveman a run for his money:laugh:

i dont exactly know how fast he goes… but i mean he overtakes a bike lol

probably hofty ******!:laugh:

wasn’t top gear, but you’re right it was with james may i seem to recall