If this were a political broadcast...

… all teh parties would get equal airtime… TOry, BNP, Labour, Lib Dem, Green.

So how come when it comes to the Queen, the alternative view doesn’t get a look in eh?

That woman is indisputable proof that the UK, depsite forcing democracy on the world with their friend AMERICA, does NOT understand what democracy means.

How come no one seems bothered by this…

Cue - the millions of sycophantic brainwashed royalists who say things like “But she’s the Queen…, shut your mouth you disrespectful git, etc., etc.”

Well, just to keep things balanced. Here’s a PArty political broadcast on behalf of the REPULICANS.

Did oyu know, you don’t actually have to pay for her or her enormous family of inbred toffs or their wonderful off-spring? No you don’t.

Fundamentally, the idea of inheriting power because of who your parents are is AGAINST everything democracy stands for…

So are we democratic or are wqe brainwashed idiots happy to pay our tithe to the Lords ladies, kings and queens that consitituted government back wen no one knew better


The English are the stupidest people around… because you can’t even see your own stupidity… I am hoping I really offend some of you sycophantic idiots because maybe, just maybe, you’lll think about this a little.


stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid …

No, you’re still not listening are you… you desperately stupid, brainwashed, cowed, undignified SLAVES… keep paying her… and keep saying things like God Bless you Ma’am… WHY!!!

Why is she “Your Highness!” - she’s a bloody midget… PLEASE TELL ME WHAT MAKES HER HIGHER THAN ME OR YOU?

Because her parents shagged? For god’s sake… does this not sound wrong to anyone else? Do you lot not see how desperately desperately stupid you are?

Now before anyone panics and suggests this is unbalanced… the anger you are now feeling at being called mindless stupid idiots is about the same as the feeling I have having to listen to all you royalists harping on about how this short-arsed mega wealthy woman is being celebrated for saying, how do you do, tapping people on the shoulder with some metal and living a bl00dy rich life at my and your expense… I DIDN’T VOTE HER IN… I LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY… WHERE IS THE ROYAL CODE OF CONDUCT THAT MAKES HER PUBLICALLY ACCOUNTABLE FOR ALL OF OUR MONEY THAT SHE HAPPILY SPENDS>…

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS DIATRIBE… I have heard all of your arguments before… Nothing you can say justifies this idiotic system. The French, got rid of their royalty, but most royalists would immediately respond with the assisnine and frankly childish repsone of “ha but htey’re French.” as if that’s proof that that they’re wrong… a racist stupid attitude developed over hundreds of years, by kings and queens to help garner support for when the ykings and queens wnated you to hurl your bodies again french defences for hte sakes of their wealth. You’re stupid!

I am as I type this caught up an argument in the office over her highnessness. I am, anti royal…

When I posed the question, why are you celebrating the Jubilee?.. The answer, cos she’s our queen, our head of state and for that reason alone. I was puzzled. That’s not enough for me. A leader stands for its people, and should honour the responsibility bestowed on them to act in favour of the people.

As far as I’m concerned, the queen along with Gordon Brown sold us out to the Euro empire in 2009. How did she do this you ask? Because the she signed the sixth and final Lisbon Treaty document. This treaty replaces our constitution and rights attached to it, with a new European constitution, un-lawfully I might add. I didn’t vote for that… did you?

Yes people, like it or not, we have lost our sovereignty. We are now effectively a United state of Europe. We have lost our ability to self govern. So much so in fact that, if Brussels wished, they could close our parliament tomorrow and there is nothing you or I could do (lawfully) to stop it.

The Queens role, was to stand for the people. She was the last hope to prevent a European take over of our country and she, as far as I’m concerned, has failed in that role.

People still believe that this country is a democracy. I can tell you whole heartedly and with much dismay, it is not.

Come on England, time to sup tea, and tell each other how wonderful it is that we pay for these over-paid alreayd superwaelthy toffs to “represent us politically” as though there’s no way on earth we could possibly amnage without them…

The devil’s GREATEST trick, was to convince man-kind that he didn’t exist

The same could be said for the all-pervading control that the UPPER CLASS and ARISTOCRACY still hold over the sycophantic, pomp and circumstance bamboozled idiot herd called the British public…


In a recession, why are we still paying foreign aid. Especially to countries such as Pakistan and India, who are nuclear powers and even trying to build a space programme. What the fúcking hell fire is going on there?

The government needs to look after it’s own people before dishing out cash that we haven’t got to countries that don’t need it. I mean, do these politicians not have children? It’s like giving pocket money to the kids next door and letting your own children go down the shop with no money!

I don’t vote. Apparently if I vote BNP or UKIP I’m racist. I wouldn’t go anywhere near the others as their full of shít, shít and more shít!


Loved this rant. Completely and utterly agree.

I am not quite as anti-Royal as you clearly are…I am just totally ambivalent to the whole thing.

Couldn’t give a toss about the Jubilee, gave even less of a toss about the wedding last year.

Yeah - when these events happen it reminds me of that film invasion of the body snatchers when everyone gets taken over by an alien presence and turn into a load of mindless drones. :Whistling:

Constitutionally recognised inherited power and privilege is totally at odds with democratic principles.

People who love to bang on about how they support meritocracy who also support an institution like royalty which completely undermines the concept of meritocracy - that is just totally nuts and doesn’t make any sense.

And in a time when social mobility has ground to a halt this is somthing we should be looking at.

England has a long and proud tradition of producing mavericks and nay sayers and awkward bastards who question the existing order like the levellers and Tom Payne.

I’ll be raising a glass to them this weekend. :cool:

Edited by Hels - I realised I had gone off at a tangent about Paul Lambert going to Aston Villa and Oliver Cromwell, which was not in keeping with the serious matters raised in this important thread:P:D

well Im guessing you wont be taking the extra bank holiday then Toby ?

when I and many others joined up we swore alleigance to Queen & Country…and thousands have paid the ultimate sacrifice to allow you to spout crap…still thats democracy for ya otherwise it could be a facist state where having freedom of speech and an opinion usually ends up with your back to a wall and 12 lovely people taking a pot shot at ya

Tobi - am with 100%

The lemmings in this country are many, the BBC reporting is sycophantic in the extreme.

You could always join Republic.org.uk

They are even organising some Street parties I believe.



Still can’t embed stuff !

Being someone who thinks the royal family is at best a ridiculous anachronism, I don’t see any reason why anyone should be made to swear allegiance to the queen - is that required or can you just swear allegiance to the country?

Also, being self employed, the extra bank holiday means nothing to me as it’s just a days lost wages and the jubilee celebrations are just going to get in the way if I want to go through town. I will probably attend a mates jubilee bbq but I’ll probably not be toasting the queen or wrapping myself in bunting, maybe I’ll just get mardy drunk and sing God Save the Queen by the Sex Pistols.

I am not exactly pro-royal, being your usual leftist scum, but I think people get a bit confused about the royals, they don’t really have any power and are little more than a figurehead. You might argue the value of such a figurehead (and here I have embedded the video that Busa posted for that purpose, not watched it though) but to argue about the power of the royal family is a bit of an anachronism.

I understand the meritocracy argument, but it doesn’t really wash anywhere in our society. Which is why we have an Eton toff running our country. Unless we wish to impose a blanket ban on private education, a 100% death tax, and forced school selection not based on where you live but instead based on a lottery system, we will always have favouritism within our society. It is essentially unavoidable.

All we can do is make it so that merit can still succeed.

Maybe I have been biased because the Royal family just gave me £25,000 to finish my education, but I think a lot of the arguments against the royal family just don’t make much sense in our society.

In response to the video.

The Royals only “own” the land because they turned up with a lot of men with a lot of big swords. This type of “ownership” isn’t valid in law. It is essentially theft and their title is therefore void. All the land should revert back to Parliament, but we can’t really trust those feckers either cause they would just sell it to their mates, turn a massive profit on the land, use that money to reduce the taxes that even more of their mates have to pay for a few years and then we would all pay more in the long run, this is what has happened with privatisation and I can’t see any reason it wouldn’t happen with Crown land.

To the idea of tourism, the narrator puts tourism down to the fact that our monarch is living and breathing. I think he neglects that Americans speak English and so do we, and thus it is very easy for them to come to “Europe”. I have seen shows where they have asked Americans where London or even England is in Europe and most of them don’t even know, rightly or wrongly, but the idea that they are in love and therefore come to our country to spend their wealth based on the idea that we have a royal family, I think is a little bit of narrow vision.


Didn’t take you long to sell out :smiley:

And yeah, I would happily ban private Education. So long as the toffs can send their kids to private schools, they will never properly invest in the education system the rest of us have to use.

Anyhow - am off now - so will have to leave the debate

Charles II was invited to be monarch by Parliament, so the UK wasn’t conquered by the sword in that sense.

Personally I’m more for than against the monarchy for the following reasons. The kingship is state, and state is always fighting against religions. If you think living under a monarchy is bad, imagine living under a theocracy where even a though against your ruler (god) is punishable by death in this life and the next (hell) and there are punishments for your kin for three generations too.

The other reason is as a figure head. What was done in the past and how it was done is neither here nor there. But anyone in the commonwealth or the former colonies, if they want, can say that is our king/queen too. A bonding is formed, a kinship made and with politics being the way it is government are more likely to help a friendly nationals in a country than an outsider who hates our guts.

As for the royal purse and public expense being too much, I bet its peanuts to what all the CEO’s, MP’s and quangos make in wages, perks and bonuses at the publics expense.

You mean other than the lawful right to dissolve parliament at any time? Actually, as far as the EU is concerned, she has the power to bail us out of this mess. I forget what the term is, if you hang a round a while I’ll go find out for you. But as far as constitution is concerned and our civil rights, she is incredibly important. Whether she chooses not to is another mater… and one for the people I believe.

If you want to really get into the boring details of it.

Constitutionally Parliament (thus the UK) derives its power from the Crown, unlike most countries with a recent constitution that derive their power from the people. Thus it requires that the Crown actually have some power, nominally speaking. You can’t derive your power to tax and imprison people from an entity that has no power, so you imbue that entity with power, but that entity has no real power because at any time should that entity attempt to use that power, it will very quickly find that it is replaced by a different entity that is more willing to forego using that power.

Thus the power that is perceived to be in the Crown doesn’t actually exist at all, but because it is such an obtuse argument, it is enough for us to go along with the basic idea.

monkimark (01/06/2012)

Being someone who thinks the royal family is at best a ridiculous anachronism, I don’t see any reason why anyone should be made to swear allegiance to the queen - is that required or can you just swear allegiance to the country?

swearing allegience to King or Queen has gone on for centuries I for one was proud the day I did it and to have served my country without fear or favour and to have the Royal in my Corps title and on our badge was an honour, thats my opinion and as stated earlier your entitled to yours.

oh and as your against the Royals and all it stands for should we strip Wootton Basset of its Royal status ?

steveCBR11XX (01/06/2012)

Well the better question is this Steve.

Would you have felt less proud to serve your country had you not had to swear allegiance to the Queen?

As to the “Royal” tag on things, do you honestly believe that the Americans are less proud of their Marines than we are of our Marines because ours are called the Royal Marines and they have no such tags?

I don’t think that is true.

Did I say I was against the royals and all they stand for (whatever that may be)? I just think it’s an outdated institution that is one of many indicators of a model of society that should be left in the past.

I’m not a serving or ex-soldier and I’ve never even been to wooton basset, i don’t see what business of mine it is what they call it - I’ll leave that up to residents and people with a vested interest such as the families of those who make their final journey home via the town.

I was only interested to know if it was obligatory to pledge allegience to an 86 year old millionaire.