If there was a LB baseball cap with the LB logo and the price was acceptable, how many would buy one?

Just doing a ‘head count’ as to what the feeling about this is. If it’s worth doing I’ll suggest it to the mod’s.

depends on what it looks like. ie. is the logo embroided on, printed?

ps would be cool to have your username at the back as well

Good idea Pan, although I think that may bump the price up a bit. After all, this is just an idea at the moment - it might come to something, or it might just fizzle out to nothing - depends on the LB’rs

I support Panagotis!
Embroidered logo and username would be cool!

Be handy for hiding helmet hair on ride outs…and finding LBers at BM and BH would be easier!! :slight_smile:

Don’t wear hats but it is a good idea… :slight_smile:

I don’t wear baseball caps, but if I did I would go for embroided with user name on the back.

Beanie hats would be a good idea too, again same style

wouldnt it be a normal baseball cap with an lb logo on it? I mean if it was an lb baseball cap would it need an additional lb logo on it?? :ermm: :smiley:

Oooh, beanie hat is a great idea!

For Beenie’s have a look at this http://londonbikers.com/store/clothing/ page 5

The idea of the baseball cap is the LB logo on the front with your ‘handle’ on the back. If there is enough support for the idea then it would be put to the mod’s for approval.

I agree.

Edit: Didn’t realise they already existed, but having looked at them, I can’t say I’m keen.

Baseball cap with name


Well not wishing to steal Rob’s worthy thunder here but we are currently organising a new clothing supplier / range and beanies were mentioned before Xmas but they didn’t supply them. Now we thought we’d kinda missed the boat - by the time we get them organised it’ll be summer and that’s not the most popular time to launch beanies we reckoned.

But we could be wrong.

Keep voting and it’ll be interesting to see demand.

Sorry, no we wouldn’t wear a baseball hat for anyone. :sick:

Thanks for those that have voted so far.

Jets - this is an item aimed for the ‘younger’ riders :slight_smile:

i love baseball caps but problem is which style…

i think cap styles are very subjective thus for enough interest the choices should be varied enough

+1 for baseball cap

Don’t want to look any more like a sad **** than I already do thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we have a logo on the front and on the back. Logo on the back for those of us fashion gurus who will wear said cap backwards.

Cheeky young scalliwag:D Maybe you can design a Scrooge-style nightcap for us then:)