If the choice was yours?

When I started biking there was a organisation called the motorcycle action group, their main aim was to get the law on helmets overturned.

So if you had the choice, would you really wear a helmet 100% of the time, even pootling about in an empty car park?

if its literally a car park, i wouldnt bother. but without a doubt i would everywhere else, and on public roads.including jacket etc, minimum i would wear is gloves, lid, jacket boots and jeans

I would wear a helmet at all times. I wouldn’t ride now without any protective gear even to just go down the road after having an accident and also seeing other people have accidents.

I learnt the hard way when i was 16, riding along when a car pulled out on me over the bonnet i went my lid which was’nt fastened came off and yep i smacked me head on the curb which resulted in a fractured skull and a deep gash on me forehead which needed 18 stitches:w00t: So yes i would always wear a lid cos that accident happened while i was doing around 15mph and the damage was bad so imagine it at a faster speed!

If I had the choice … yes I would. :slight_smile:

I would wear one, but it is a particularly nice feeling riding without one - rather like condoms, really :wink:

just returned from Greece where you can get away with not wearing a helmet.

I actually took mine all the way to Greece to wear it… so yeah, i would wear one - always! :wink:

Helmet, helmet, helment.

lol @ condoms

I agree, I would wear mine probably 99.9% of the time, but cant say 100%

remember what that bee looks like when it hits you dead centre of your visor at 70mph?

I wouldn’t like that to be my face. Helmet 99.9% of the time for me

Thing is, I often don’t close my visor until I’m doing 70ish or over…and yeah… it does hurt when summat smacks you in the face at that sort of speed :frowning:


Yep everytime!

Why would you NOT wear a helmet? I think that’s a more pertinent question to ask. Eggs don’t fair well when dropped, and neither do heads. As Wasp’s story shows, only a fool would ride without one (no offence meant Wasp!)

Even disregarding the head impact safety I don’t fancy being smacked in the eye by a flying bug thanks.

Not only that, flies between your teeth just aint a good look ;):smiley:

it all makes sense now :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :w00t:

That’s where she got the idea of stitching for a living too :smiley:

When I adjust my chain sometimes I ride my bike round the block at to check it with no gear. I’m only going at cycling pace though. It’s a good feeling but I wouldn’t do it in any other scenario.

What you lot trying to say…I’m Mad:w00t::hehe::smiley:

Back in the 80’s after a MAG rally one of the guys that ran the Basildon branch was killed in a bike accident on the way home. No crash helmet was found at the scene!

A friend of my brothers was teaching a mate how to ride a bike in a car park, he wasn’t wearing a lid. This was fine until he lost his balance at walking pace. He & the bike toppled over & he hit his head on the curb & died.

Seems to me we could all die at any time on a bike, but I know if I didn’t wear one it would have been my time a long while ago.

Also it keeps the bugs out of your face. And because motorcyclist all seem to be so ugly it means we don’t scare more children than we have to. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t wear an open face lid - let alone not wear a helmet - have you seen pictures of the accidents? E.g when your face/head hit’s the road/hard objects at high speed - the results are often - shall we say . . . quite radical. . . :sick: