if i ever buy a K5...

it will look like this



or this



Hummm , Tom I have to hear it before judge mate! Get one quick! lol

1st nice, 2nd looks too zx6r like.

Sorry folks none of the above the new Gixer 750 endcan I want no I need it now I am hav’in a go at building one for the nine to see how ti looks and sounds

I want a K5 so so so so badly especially with those twin pipes. I would kill myself though. Wouldnt i? Maybe a new R1? Or Mille RSV? No no no.
Think i am leaning towards a '05 ZX-636. It would be my first sports bike after all.

The problem with those systems is you end up with a bloody long link pipe on-show cos the bike wasn’t designed with underseat pipes in mind.

As your only fitting them for looks it kinda defeats the object.

IMO a smaller version of the stock can, or what Jay has looks the smartest.

A friend of mine fitted a U/S system to a 98 R1 and then spent a ****-load of money / dyno time just to get the bike back to the power it made before.

Sorry but no, they look pants.

The disadvantages are numerous with those underseat pipes … I prefer Jay’s bike … it’s just the mutts nuts!

The first pic looks cool!

I posted a link to those pipes, think it was before Christmas…They are made in the USA and i think too damm expensive…1200 usd for the set, i believe the site is www.racetaylormade.com

I’m not a fan of them to be honest, as Pete mentions, they have downfalls, and they’re only for looks, there’s no serious performance gainst to be had (either in engine tuning, or weight reduction). I prefer mods that compliment and already great package, and don’t think these do that.

Year One Racing, the bike is only as fast as far as you open the throttle He who says 170bhp is too much for the road, clearly doesn’t know how to use it!