If anyone's interested

http://bluelagosontour.blogspot.com/ (Cool name eh!)

Hope to be able to blog from Lagos, so feel free to add yourself as a follower (presume that mean’s you’ll be notified of updates?) if you are interested:)

It’s a full on 100% mental place - but I like it! Used to send home long emails - but I know lots of people get bored - or don’t have time to digest them - so figured I’d join the 21st century and be a blogger :w00t:

Should be fun - also feel free to add comments / questions as when.

Won’t be insulted if you don’t give a toss either :wink:

Thanks for that. Favourited and will visit it regularly :cool:

I hope your trip goes well.

We’re very interested but as you probably know, technophobic dinosaurs:)

We’ve put it on our “favourites” list to log on to - do we have to do anything else???

have added it to favourites… and will keep an eye on you :D:D

Had a read of your blog. Lol youv’e been a busy boy you seem to get around a bit…

You ever been to Blue Lagoon in Iceland? :cool: