If anyones bored at the weekend....

…New Era are runnign a Superclub meeting at Snetterton in sunny (?)Norfolk on both saturday and sunday!

Feel free to come along and say hi, i will be racing CBs, number 31, and will be in garage number 3 i think it is.

Should be good close racing and fingers crossed the weather will hold out too!

Good luck to anyone else racing this weekend as well



Hi Matt - I’ll be doing a track evening on Friday, and staying over Friday night to catch the racing on Saturday. Look forward to seeing you there.

Fingers definitely crossed for the weather - I’m camping - 'nuff said!

Ill be doing the track evening too, come and say hi if your about. Highside will be there too, although not riding.

I wont depress you with the BBC online forecast…! You’ll be welcome to a cuppa and some shelter in the garage!


…and if you get bored of looking at antiquated machinery you can have a look at some fine racing Hornets in Garage 16

I’ve depressed myself already with the forecast! Looks like plastic bags inside boots again. Really glad I decided to camp too!

I’ll be wearing my flack jacket to save me from the crossfire ricocheting between you all

I’ll be there supporting the Desmo Due fella’s seeing as I’ve run out of money to race myself this year.

Good luck to Phillc in his third meeting!

LSD, why not pitch up in the garage with highside? Just set your bed up in the garage, it will be dry and we even have a heater you could use if you want!

Im not sure about plastic bags over boots, i think waders are in order!

All good fun though!

Thanks for the offer mate, had I held out a day longer I would have taken you up on it, but I’m afraid I wussed out last night and booked a local B+B.