IEC power leads, free

we’ve a lot of these going spare at work. they’ve all been pat tested or they’re brand new. anyone want me to bring some to BM? you can have anything up to 2 dozen, cos I can’t be bothered carrying more than that.

Actually, this is just what I need. I have a couple of lights missing these.
Can I have two?

no, you may have 4

They’re quite useful for tying stuff up anyway :satisfied:

TBH, I’ve started stripping them and using the blue/brown for wiring on the bike

trying to get a your VFR to look more like Avi’s?

Nah, he’s apparently specifically not using the earth wiring for some reason…

^^for exactly that reason

anyone else?

may I have a couple? these are always the leads you can never find when you really need them so should come in handy