IE8 Compatibility - EUREKA

At last - someone has explained how to do it and IT WORKED:D

eezyrida (29/01/2010)
Afro (29/01/2010) Typed a long reply but Internet Explorer 8 ate it I know that feeling, that’s happened to me about 200 times so far I yearn for the day when this site finally becomes IE8-compliant.

Yeah mate, but I think I solved the problem. Go to Tools on the menu, click Compatibility View Settings, and click the check box for the option ‘Display all websites in Compatibility View’. That sorted it

It’s true - it did sort it. Thank you Eugene. :smiley:

Brill :slight_smile: sorry to say this, but dont you guys know about firefox? :smiley:

No. Don’t you know we’re Luddites?:slight_smile:

I’m not sure if you are joking or serious…

Firefox is a web browser, like IE8, but made by another company. It is free, and crashes a lot less. It is more secure and has useful features before IE does. It’s free and easy to get going. :slight_smile:

+1 for Firefox! :slight_smile:

This is why I don’t do websites for a living…

“Why are you telling me it doesn’t work in your browser? It validates fine, your browser must be broken.”


AFAIK, the site is optimised for FF (or maybe Chrome) - Jay knows :wink: .

Firefox +3, I gave up on ie a long time ago… but annoyingly I still have to test web pages in ie6 :crying: the agony!

Yeah, I used to use Firefox, but found the 3 series very slow taking ages to start up.

I’ve used Chrome aswell and really like it, but it’s not finished and I hate that you have to run a program to be able to download the latest Betas which support extensions, but the extensions aren’t Firefox compatible.

It’s just too much work, but the actual browsing experience is probably the best at the moment.

I’ve just installed Windows 7 so I’m sticking with IE8 until it pisses me off enough for me to use something else…Any day now.

Dipper I just saw that film for the first time a few months back and that bat scene cracked me up…Johnny Depp in one of his best performances :smiley:

Quality film, love it :w00t:

Just waiting for Chrome to fully support extensions and then ad and flash block extensions, and I will move from FF.

Firefox seems fine to me. Yup, can be a bit slow, but am I worrying about seconds?

Being “Oldskool”, I’m just happy that 'puter things work.

“Chrome” seems a bit faster and seems OK if your a simple surfer, the rest of the stuff is akin to paint drying as far as it affects me.

Just opened up Chrome on another machine and it reports that a new (non Beta) version is available that supports extensions.


I use Chrome almost exclusively (except on my linux machine) - the browsing experience certainly the best out there.FF is ok, but as you add the bells and whistles it gets slower and slower.
IE is only used for certain secure sites I have to connect to for work.