Idiots with money and busas!

what the hell are these people thinking???

first you have the Predabusa! :crazy:

and now there is the KingKongusa?? LOL :w00t:

more money than sense i say!!

bladdy hell! those are very crazy llokin bikes… a bit hardcore.

Whatever floats yer boat!

hmmm… :blink: …

Top marks for originality and execution.

But I reckon the juries out for taste.

In terms of artistic work I think they are great. The predator one especially, very creative way to work that into the bike body.

As a motorcycle, maybe not, I can’t see it being very useful down the Euston Road on these dark evenings and no main headlight :stuck_out_tongue:

What were they thinking!!

dear god, just when you thought you’d seen it all…

I think they look great. I assume they are just works of art in their own right, and not intended to be ridden. Which is fine with me.

I remember seeing a very good exhibition at the Barbican some years ago called “The Art of the Harley”, it was great to see such creative genius at work on those machines.

Anyone care to help me turn my bike into a Banditerminator? :hehe:

That’s retarded.

I’m a huge fan of the Predator films and that just annoys me.

I like the single-sided swingarm though!

feking nice:Dwant one:P

i too am a big Predator fan!

the pred-busa is ok…i have seen better streetfighters incorparating a predator theme tho;)

just the tanks painted loosk more subtle and alot better!

check these out:cool:




saw a 'busa out for a run in the snow today :slight_smile: