Idiots on the road

Driving under the underpass at Euston towards the A40 flyover today and a police van is trying to get passed. I move over let it go throw check my side an a idiot with a pillion on a blue bandit comes screaming past I’m thinking fair enuff that’s why I look to spot idiots. Hes right up this police vans backside I’m thinking what if the van was to go backwards he wont see the bike and here comes another accident. I drive up next to him and say you know that van can’t see you if he comes back your done for I get a remark back you telling me how to ride my bike. I respond with no I’m giving you a little advice to help you live longer next time i wont bother what a twat end of rant.

why would the van want to go backwards? :stuck_out_tongue:

Have to say, I was thinking that as well!

after crossing a box junction it thought it could make…

cagers do the weirdest things :Whistling:

Ok, now I’m either thick or don’t understand this? If the van’s past the box junction, why would he reverse back into the box? Besides, he let the van through - which indicates to me the van was on blues n 2’s…

Is it an offence to follow a police van if it is on call?

I’ve often cadged a lift on the back of speeding police vans ambulances with blues and twos on etc on the way in/out London - it definitely cuts your journey times down ;):smiley: - but yeh you do have to expect them to brake heavily. On the plus side - it gives you a taste of what it must be like to have your own police escort. :cool:

LOL :smiley:

And at least if you crash into the back of the ambulance they can fix you up;)

I’m not proud of this - but once when I was following a speeding ambulance I nearly did ride through the back doors when he er. . . hit the brakes. . . :blush::smiley:

if you **** up and have an accident or run into the back of them that vehicle has to stop and cannot go to the emergency it was running too as it would be classed as a proximity POLACC. as such it makes it harder for that driver to procede normally as he has to drive for himself, for the others he is trying to pass and for you folowing him along

things to bear in mind, that and always check your mirrors for the second emergency vehicle that nobody sees

I always follow behind police/ambulance on the blues and two’s - I dont think they cant stop you as they are ment to be on an emergancy call. Its just a bugger when they go through red lights and you have to stop

Cant say ive never done this or at least tried … but … I find I nearly always almost get taken out by drivers pulling back into lane and not looking. Even seen cars trying to make up two or three spaces while all this malarkys going on.

Nah I now just pull over and let it all float past me in a wave of confusion and chaos / or turn off and take a different route :smiley:

Was behind one of those royal processions once and got way too close to the tail vehicle with the big led display in the window telling me to keep back…got told off for that one n all :smiley:

Yeah he was on blues and twos and why should he have to worry about what’s up his arse when he’s trying to get some where quickly

You and me both mate; ‘haste’ does not make for a safe ride!


Apprently it is an offence to follow an emergency vehicle

Dunno, but boy it’s fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Like the velociraptors in jurassic park :smiley:

I dont tend to follow emergency vehicles… i find they got to slow for my liking :D:hehe: