Idiot on Rockingham Track Day!

I am not a person to complain, but when someone almost causes you an accident, its just not on.:angry:

Was on a track day today in Rockingham Inters 5th session (28.03.10) and came across this idiot. Watch as i had to avoid him and then he runs too wide almost clipping my front.

I’m quite sure its a 400 fireblade!

If ur on here, sort out your riding :angry:

Seen a lot worse (you do look a bit slow for that group) :slight_smile:


Argh, damn .rar files. My extract frog seems to have died :crazy:

Witnessed a few ‘incidents’ like this on trackdays…

Lot’s of people, different abilities, different bikes…scary stuff.

Good job you managed to come off unscathed. :smiley:

Doesn’t look that close, I guess it depends on what you’ve been used to.

If i had not taken avoiding action and cut in for the corner he would of collided with me, its deffo not the 6ft rule

Its a track day, if you’re scared of the riders around you, you should go down a group…

you should be in novice, every rider is pulling away from you.