Idiot down and this one deserved it

Just found this in ye olde archives

Correct kit, ability, this guy has it all


Hahahahahaha yes thats the one, Mr I always wear the right gear pfft, what about getting a bike you can touch the floor on…

I like the parking in the bush at the very end :slight_smile:

Did someone say “bush”…? I only see a c**t, no bush

Get that seat lowered Captain…I’m suprised you ain’t fallen off yet dude

Alright you two, don’t get personal with it… tempting or otherwise.

I can’t see this little gem as due to Firewall at work…

I can’t wait until I get home though…

my little two cents…

  1. Please lets not get personal here folks

  2. CM - I know that you are not the type of person to wish harm on anyone which leads me to believe that a lot of what you are saying is because you are extremely angry at the way that this rider has behaved and even more so maybe a little scared at the thought that with your son on the road, he could be put in danger with people who behave like this.

  3. I do not wish the biker to be injured, but frankly I am tired of the attitude of because i am a biker, because i drive a merc, because i am a cyclist, etc, etc, etc. that gives me the right to do what i want to on the road.

  4. Living near 3 preparatory schools myself, I would never act like that and frankly, generally I dont think other riders would either.

so Lesson to be learnt -

Yes, the punishment does not fit the crime, but there are consequences to everything we do!

man that was deep - right i am laying off the flu tablets from now on!!

just noticed andrew’s signature

“I’m the tigers empty cage, I’m the mysterys final page, I’m the strangers lonely glance, I’m the heros only chance, I’m the undiscovered land, I’m the single grain of sand, I’m the christmas morning toy, I’m the gin in the Gin-Soaked Boy.”

Andrew are you ok?

some times you just have to accept that a harley rider was quicker than thee while riding through traffic. good or bad riding , we all do both. as for kiss my arse then i couldnt do that as you would never be in front of me…

also, i could never wish a crash on another biker or even car driver. if someone wants to take chances(good or bad) then thats up to them. you are capt moto not judge moto…

ooo I only just saw this one capt! kiss your a***? not me matey… I know a few men who would just love to kiss your Italian butt though… but I think you’d quite like that! :wink:

Anyhow to bring this back on topic so to speak… I’m begining to wonder if I have double standards - because I can’t stand scooter riders and I constantly have a go at them… I just wonder how I would react if one did come off in front of me… would I stop? Probably… nursing does that to a person.


My memory is ****e, Captnmoto. But earlier this year were you posting about a friend that had been killed. A Kawasaki rider/Indian sounding name? Was it you that was leading from the front in encouraging to rally to the funeral or summit? If I am correct, I mean no offence to the memory of the rider, but:

  1. You must have seen first hand the pain his death will have caused.

  2. He could have been riding like a plank at the time. If he had have been, can I assume your view would be the same?

  3. How many friends have you lost/been badly hurt in that 29yrs?

I could go on, but I’m getting bored. May I ask if you have always had this view?

I’m always going on about scooter riders… my rants generally consist of the line “death to the lot of em!”

One went into a pretty bad pothole the other day just coming onto Bayliss Road and almost came off. When he stopped, I pulled up next to him and asked if he was ok. Felt bad for the fella. I guess it’s akin to stopped to check someone’s ok if they go a*rse over wobbly bits whilst walking along the pavement…

Human decency, I’ll call it

Does anyone know this guy and know if he’s alright? :confused:

I think its a pretty damn nasty thing to say Cap! Really I do! What if a Harley rider saw you go dowm when you had been riding a little silly and he said “he deserved it” because he didnt like your riding style or the clothes you were wearing?

Mate dont be a plumb its a silly attitude to have. Also I wouldnt boast about never kissing tarmac as for all of us its down to luck not skill and you have been lucky and boasting about it could tempt fate!

Your attitude is very very bad!

I was going to refrain from replying to this thread, but that just about says it all really…and thats after 29 yrs of riding!!

Actually surprised you didn’t kick the guy while he was down. Sorry Fran but you gone right down to the bottom of the pile in my esteem stakes, or is this your SMS syndrome kicking in?

I say, f*ck him. But if it was me, I’d expect you all to stop.

But then I wouldn’t be screaming past a school at 50mph dressed like a SS stormtrooper. Yeah, I’d claim some moral ground there - I stick to the limits when I see school signs.

It was the tight leather jeans, wasn’t it?

Even if the guy had a G-string and not top on while on the back wheel I would hope that everyone would stop to help! He maybe a twat and maybe a X or O but he is still a person who needs your help.

Just remember what goes around comes around and if you want others to help you then you should help also. Lets also remember that 9 out of 10 of us would do something that we would get a fine for every day.