Idiot down and this one deserved it

Where should we draw the line CaptnMoto? Doing 40 up the inside? 30 may be? What about just going up the inside? “let he who is without sin” an’all that?

I tell’ya what m8. Just for a tease, lets use this overtake up the inside of a car as a barometer? Baring in mind its wet and our hero is overtaking cars up the inside, coming off a roundabout (good place for spillages) when the driver prolly has no idea the bike is there. Would this qualify as “Can’t help thinking it he deserved it” or whatever?

1min 50secs :

We’ve all done it m8!

Harley or not, piss pot helmet or not, he was a biker just like us and I hope he’ll be ok – sounds like a bad off.

As far as the bad riding goes, we all get carried away and we should reserve our ill-wishing for white van men and taxi drivers.

I cannot believe a person on LB would wish another biker harm for whatever reason… A mistake was made end of and yes he is probably very sorry now and in alot of pain. But how can you go on about people not riding in the correct gear, as I have seen a video of you on an R6 in no protective clothing and you couldnt even call it riding, the way you went over all those lanes to get out of the car park and then riding straight into a bush on your return was disgusting, so if a car had hit you then would it have been your fault as you then were showing off…

Not so easy to comment is it when you seem to think people have not seen your videos of yourself showing off riding through traffic like an idiot…

Ouch Capt!!


and as said before he who is without sin…

Hope the rider is ok, sounds like a rather painful lesson was learnt…

i as i respect that u r entitled to ur anger however no rider desereve to crash no matter what

even if he stole it even its my bike as much as i would love to give the person that did some…

as much as i wish no crash on anyone

thats my opinion at least

it’s called calculated risk, comes out of being confident even when riding dangerously, you probably see it as showing off, I don’t.

28 years of riding, going into 29: never kissed tarmac, never hurt anyone, never damaged anything, insurance companies love me, although even I know you can never say never the day I do a mistake I’ll be the first to call myself an idiot.

Finally you have no voice in the matter to judge me until I have made that mistake, and as for the rest of you, you all can have your say and kiss my a**e. how many of you have been riding for so long without ever having a spill?

Actually if someone nicks my bike, I don’t think I would feel any remorse if something bad happened to them. In fact I probably would like the opportunity to make something bad happen to them. Castration perhaps…

i did loads of stupid moves when i was on the road as a courier,and its funny a much more of a stupid move a commutor would make to stay in front of a courier so we have and still do it,out for blats/ride outs on sundays well over the speed limit some times.

and at the end of the day he was still a biker.

i may work the other way one day you could get knocked off and a harley boy could think f**king rice burners,

i cant stand custom bikes but each to his own,and a biker is a biker no matter what he is on in my book.

Capt. You’re missing the point. I must admit it’s a big point that’s being made but perhaps not as big as the legend that is Capt Moto. The man who fears no tarmac - the man 29 years time served and not gone down yet…

Can’t you just accept that you missed the point here. That’s It’s not nice to wish hurt on another in this way?

As for me - well I burst into flames once and smashed my leg up so bad I never thought I’d walk properly again. Got back on after a 2 years.

It taught me a valuable lesson. No one is indestructable. You can be as safe as you like but you will never stop the idiot from turfing you off. I’d rather not go down the road but I certainly learned from it.

i agree to that 110% but i have to to do it myself and not him crashing as their is no fun for me then

So you witnessed a serious accident, and didnt bother to stop because you thought the guy was a mailto:t***.

What about the other car drivers who had there vehicles damaged? they could probably do with a witness.

Very wrong not to have stoped imo (not to mention illegal), especially if you saw the crash clearly (saw his neck bend etc). Theres no guaranty that other drivers who stoped would have seen the incident that clearly, which is a bit of help the emergency services would be greatfull for

I’m with you in sentiment, and you’re right he doesn’t deserve it, but what DOES stupidity deserve?

Some might say this is poetic justice…albeit it not a very good poem.

What do idiots deserve?


Tricky one this.

Capt, you have some nerve to admit to this, be it right or wrong.

My feelings - well as soon as someone gets hurt they become just another human being like me. Their actions and personality and everything should be put aside for later. I would have stopped and helped. The guy came off in a usual bike related accident - being in a bus lane is well, a minor sin surely? And you are sure the bus lane was off limits at that time of day anyway?

All of you - lets keep the discussion clean please gang.

Wow - you’ve certainly got balls Capt!

I would never, no matter how silly they are being, wish anyone an accident on the road - car or bike… it’s nasty and it hurts.

I’m amazed you didn’t stop even if you thought he was a t****** it’s all very well car drivers stopping but we all know the first thing a car driver wants to do is remove the lid - and possibly break the neck - to me you seem to be taking rather obsceane joy in seeing this guy hurt!

We’ve all done silly things on the road - me included - quite a lot actually - but does that mean I deserve to flat out on the tarmac each time? I think not… and I would hope that my fellow biker would come to my aid and help me when it’s quite possible that the cage drivers helping me could do me more damage than good - we’re a small community next to cars, we should stick together when the crunch arrives.


Bet you all wouldnt be as nice if it was your car he had crashed into or wiped your bike out!

Its muppets like that that give us all bad names, car drivers thinking look at that w@nker and in the future give us no room on the road.

Bet his wife wont let him buy another bike now, hopefully, so thats 1 tassled wearing doctor/solicitor/bank manager, weekend warrior off the road, woo hoo.

I Totaly agree with u here mat

wow… we’re not a nice community after all!

I don’t care if you ride everyday in all weathers or if only get your bike out on glourious summers day - we have to stick together.

I know he may give the community a bad name - but frankly most of us do that all by ourselves!

Sort of the poetic justice of cause and effect? That’s deep dude…

You been sniffing the unleaded again?

Good point though. What did he deserve? Karma! some people believe our actions now affect our future…

Well you could say he was the victim of his own actions so in essence by engineering his own downfall he had it coming, however he also deserves our compassion as everyone makes a mistake at times. And as for hitting our car or our bike - of course we will be angry and of course we’d call him all sorts of things but I’m sure we’d also check if he was breathing, in pain or alive as well - (…even it was just to make sure he was well enough for us to hit him for denting out pride and joy - sarcastic remark not to be taken seriously…).

With ya there, mac, ya should have stopped to see if t*** was ok, capt.

And tell car drivers it was all his fault etc.

I think capts comment was he deserved to go down not really get hurt/injured.