Idiot down and this one deserved it

T*** on a fully tasselled Harley with all chrome bells & whistles on the Upper Richmond Road (Sheen). The time is about 13:40, traffic is bumper to bumper, rider is wearing the standard issue p***pot helmet, sleeveless jeans jacket, leather tight jeans (not biker’s reinfoced leather trousers). He gets the hump cause I can filter easily due to the fact my bike is thinner than his big ego or is called a Harley? Anyway he decides that since he can’t get through 2 lanes of cars soon to merge into one due to an upcoming traffic calming thing between one lane and a raised bus lane he veers off into the bus lane start giving it the beans, one minute is there at over 50-60 mph the next he somehow loses it on some gravel hitting metal kerb protective railings (cause there’s a primary school there) hits 2 cars, gets rumbled over by his own bike then the first car. Severe injuries are evident, I saw his neck bending in an unnatural postition as he hit the railing, I saw it all happening 3 cars ahead of me.

Can’t help thinking it he deserved it.

Did you stop and help?

Nah, no one ‘deserves’ it, maybe he brought it on himself, but the punishment hardly fits the crime… Unless he’d nicked it of course.

Agreed, not even a idiot!

No I didn’t stop, other people stopped to help him, call me what you like but I had no sypmpathy for him. Besides the Roheampton Queen Mary’s hospital is only 2 minutes up the road, lucky that, as they have a special section for severe injuries to limbs there.

no offence but your comments here are no better than his riding … !!


and I dont really see the point of writing about it.

Fair point to you both, you are entitled to your opinion, so am I, and I am sure if you witnessed that in the same anger as I did you would have felt the similarly.

Just think this bloke could have a taken out a child crossing the road riding on the inside of a bus lane at 50mph.

you’ve never done it then, got frustrated, made a bad move, sped in the wrong place etc etc etc… or have you earnt your place on that high horse by being a model citizen ???

Next you’ll be saying you were worried for the kittens ??? !!

ok ok guys. we’d better tone it down a notch. you dont want this thread to turn nasty do you?

ok so some people (for whatever reason) ride/drive like idiots. But my opinion is we should still try and help if the have an accident. I am sure the Harley rider learned a painful lesson. End of story in my book Lets end it here

I’ll stick my neck out here and suggest Capt you’re on your own on this one. We all judge people when we see bad riding, however I feel it’s going a bit to far to suggest he had it coming.

Call me soft but I don’t think he deserved what he got - okay he’s a moron but even so no one deserves to be seriously injured.

Additionally I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt about stopping. I hope you felt you didn’t need to because others were on the scene. I’d hope that had you been directly behind you would have stopped for him.

Let’s face it there are times when we all ride like a T*** - even you Capt - and what would happen if we just thought - sod him he deserved it.

Sorry but this post has really narked me - I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking the intent of this post is frankly nasty and vindictive. I hope I’m worng and if I am I am sorry but that’s how I’ve read it.

If he ends up in a wheelchair Capn how would you feel then? F***** for the rest of his life is a big punishment for a minute of indiscretion.

Sometimes an idiot does something to upset me and I feel like going and knocking them out… but death or serious injury that is wrong. I believe that is what separates us human beings from the scum that should be locked up and the key thrown away.

yeah ive gotta say we all take risks (yes even westie!) and sometimes we get away with it and other times we are not so lucky. so Fran i must say i am surprised at this post from you. i would not wish that on anybiker.

I wonder if you would have felt the same way if it’d been a different bike, ridden by someone wearing a one-piece leather suit? Ok, so he was riding like a prize plonker but I’m sure you’ve seen a good few prize plonkers on “plastics” as well as on chromed-to-the-eyeballs Harleys. I do detect a hint of “all Harley riders are t**sers” in your post. I could be mistaken of course, and it was only the bad riding you were criticising rather than his bike and his clothes, but your post doesn’t read that way.

We’re all bikers, whether on a racing bike, cruiser, streetfighter, moped or scooter. Or have I got that completely wrong?

Totally agree with you MacP!

It could be anyone of us on a bad day.

No high horses here, (and nothing to do in my mind with whatever bike he was riding) let it be known, I appreciate all of your point of views, I have mine and I stand by it. But just so you know the reason I didn’t stop was because he immediately got looked after by the driver of the 1st car he hit, and this man was already on the mobile to the emergency service, passers by were also present, of course if I was the only person at the scene it would have been me making that call to the ambulance. There was no reason for me to stop on that occasion as I am no paramedic, and also not a nosey person to gawp over an accident, of course the final reason I didn’t stop is because I had no simpathy for him and still haven’t, believe it or not even after all you agony aunts have been throwing your weight about in outrage.

In my opinion everyone, (myself included) is responsible for their own action, and victim of their own mistakes. everyone! no one excluded.

So you all take it as you wish from now.

Well its a damn poor state of affairs when bikers are wishing such ill’s on other bikers. Big shame.

sorry i have to agree Mate

“…and nothing to do in my mind with whatever bike he was riding…”

Glad to hear it. If you ever do something stupid that ends up with you the wrong way up, I don’t think you’d have the same response from others on here as you have had for the biker that was down.

That said, you have a right to your opinion and the fact that you are able to voice it without being flamed or abused, just disagreed with, shows what a good site LB is.

Can see both sides to this…dont worry Capt…your view is at the time you saw how he was riding, it got your back up, as he could have taken out a child or another person, and somehow if he HAD, i guess the comments would have been a tad different…I dont think you meant you wished anything on him like that, but i can understand it…sometimes i look at cagers and also other bikers to be fair? and think if u have an accident up the road? you deserve it for the way you are riding/driving? …its not like I’m wishing it to happen? but i could understand it if it did because of what they are doing?..ive even seen it on the way to the Ace…they are like complete and utter nutters…why go so fast, only to slow right down for the cameras?..On other hand? can understand the rider making a dumb decision and this time not getting away with it, when they may have other times? We have all done it…breathed a sigh of relief and carried on our way…this time he got bit…it happens…

Its ok mate…i still luv ya !!