Idiot!! although I bet some of you have done this!

Read the first page then skip to page 3 and read the authors next post ok found it again … 093&page=1

oh my god, that fu*king hilarious lmao :laugh:

LMAO i love it … must be a complete clot ! :w00t:

Ha ha ha ha! That is fantastic! What an idiot. :D:D:D:D

I’m not sure I would have admitted to that though!

tell me about it, I would have just said the police recovered it down the road of something.

At least he can see the funny side! :slight_smile:

:w00t: hahahahahaaaa

+1, must admit, have never done this

What a fool! Not for actually forgetting to drive his car back from the shops - although that is pretty priceless in itself, but because he actually admitted to that on a forum…

:Dlol classic

Ive left my niece outside some shops once in her buggy and only realised when I got half way home, and Ive done the same with the dog, left her tied up outside the shop,but drive to the shops and then walk home that priceless:P

That’s class! They must grow the good stuff in Lincoln, where do I place my order?

ha ha ha ha can just imagine him reading the paper walking past his own motor

some people, what a plum

plank or what :slight_smile:

mind you done similar years ago in forces, decide to go out on the pi$$ somewhere get taxi back to barracks then following day go looking for car :smiley:

Dude how did you miss a tank, not exactly sutble in the urban environment!!

My boss at my previous job did it a long time ago. We went for beer and curry after work, he drove to the pub, walked to the Indian, came out and couldn’t find it. Walked home via the police station (yes children, they were open all night in those days!) to report it stolen. Woke up about 5am realising he was going to have to tell the police it was in the pub car park. But the really stupid thing he did was…

…come in to work and tell us. :smiley: