identify the bike

seen a bike twice this past week. it a small honda of some kind 500cc 400cc? it had a repsol paintjob and a singlesider.

i thought i was a vfr400

but the front cowl is wrong - the one i saw had a sharper front and rear

Could it be the RVF400?



no it had two headlights* and a sharper rear

*like the cbr

found it!

it is an RVF…but i think with a different bodywork?

right i has a tyga bodywork

love this dePuniet replica

Nice find. I found a handsome vfr400 made for the Eastern market. Check it out:

Could it have been a Baby blade with a custom paint job?

on that note anyone know if the fareing of any of thoes would fit a Bros 400 (nc25), they all have nearly the same frames.

Its a CBR400rr.

Has that kit on ms mad-dogs vfr400 nice kit for price

That’s without doubt an NC30 VFR400 with a different paint job or replacement fairings (Chinese jobbies). If it was an RVF (NC35) it would have fox eye headlamps and upside down forks. If it were an NC23/9 CBR400 (baby blade) it would have a twin spar swing arm. Now where’s the geek smilie?