Idea's please based on your experiences...

Rite,gona make the most of the little time i have left in the uk and thought id test ride a few bikes.

Im not gona get one untill summer next year when i have the money to run 2 bikes and a car but i want to decide on what i want before i go away later in the year so i can order it and have it ready for when i get back next year. I’ll be getting it tax free and some :smiley:

I want a streetfighter type bike that i dont realy need to mod to make it fun, the supermoto will be for blinging the road bike is for the longer hauls which the motard isnt so practial for… Im talking like 600 + mile rides or touring over europe.

Oh and i dont want something with a hoofing great engine because i dont see the point when i’ll harldy use its full power and well i want a lighter bike for throwing round the bends.

At the moment the only bike i have on the list is a street triple R

Speed Triple, Every Day.
The 1050 is so Torquey, amazing grunt and goes like a dream.
Love mine.

What do you consider to be a hoofing great engine? I agree on the street or speed triple, but if you are looking at a slightly smaller engine what about an SV650? Nice torque from the V twin…

1000 plus… wont use its full potential and thats alot of weight to be throwing around.