ideas for Storage Insurance?

My bike is going to be laid up, wheels off, SORN’d etc etc for 15 months while I am abroad. Does anyone know if there is any storage insurance available to cover the bike as it sits in the garage?


Should just add, I’ve googled it and haven’t had much luck… :blush:

try your house insurance…

House insurance endorsed. But they don’t routinely cover motor vehicles as those require specific insurance. Under some circumstances, some companies will, some wont.

There are motor policies that cover SORN/garaged vehicles but a bit hard to find and the garage security thing can be a bit onerous.

First things first though. Do your household people know your issing off for that long?

My policy provides cover for up to six weeks max.

OK thanks for the help, looks like I’ll be contacting the home insurance people in that case.

There’re other family members still living in the house while I’m away. So its just a case of whether they can extend there house cover to include the bike, fingers crossed!