ideas for a streetfighter project (fighterd SV found)

hi guys

im thinking of getting rid of my beloved TUONO and doing another streetfighter.(had one before the TUONO)

whilst looking for ideas came across this SV which i think looks awesome.

im thinking of doin a R1 yes yes i know they have been done before but i just like the way they once fighterd.

if you have any ideas or pics please let me know.

cheers peps




That looks the bo**ocks!! :cool:

BAD BOY SV!!! Stunter on here has an awesome SV thats been fightered:D

thought ud like it mate:D

looks a bit like an overweight speed triple… which isnt bad… I like my streets and speed trips! :smiley:

How long did it take you to build your last fighter? you got any photos of it?

Fightered V2’s are the future:cool:

I’m in the (long) process of fightering my VTR and hoping that it will end up a bit like this one but with an old school look




if mine gets dropped its gonna get fightered!!

if i hads the cash i would buy a V-twin and fighter it!!:wink:

very nice!!!"!

A Buddy at work (Dont know if youve got your ass in gear and joined yet sean!? ;>) has just had a few minor ‘Scuffs’ to his R1 - Read “Demolished the fairing!” - So is thinking about Fightering it…

Are there any great examples or people he should be speaking to for parts?..

Would you say that Terry-Moto’s 'blade is “fightered”?

thats sweeeet! :smiley:

I’m in the slow process of cafe racing my Blade, didn’t help that my modded subframe got thrown in a skip. I thought about Fighting it but wanted something different.

As far as Streetfighters go one day when I have a few K spare I’m going for a Spondon framed TL powered fighter, for me that would be the ultimate.

Saw a silver fightered SV1000, looked sweet. I also think that Aprillia’s Falco has strong fighter patential.

niice, looks a lot like those buells but with a underseat and a suzuki powerplant. single swingarm looks good!