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Following the less than serious ‘good looking girls wanted’, and ‘good looking boys’…
Well without wanting to start a sexist riot…Finding 12 good looking girls on LB is NOT hard. Why is doing a charity calender such a funny idea?
It doesn’t need to be pornographic or even close. More suggestive than anything, with an air of ‘tongue in cheek’.
We also have some members with stunning bikes to use as props. If the WI can do it…
I used to do a bit of amateur photography myself, but I refuse to believe we haven’t got a genuine pro photographer on here. I can imagine a thread dedicated to suggested poses would get us enough ideas to make it cleverly erotic without being revealing.

There are 17,000 members on here, if only 25% of them are active, and only 25% of those bought a calendar at a profit of only 50p a go, that’s £500 quid from here alone.
I am fairly convinced that places like Loomies, the H cafe, The Ace to name but three would be only too happy to pimp a bikers calendar, given that it’s for such a good cause, and the ‘models’ are local bikers rather than hired plastic Nuts models. I could see outlets like that making a fair bit in calender sales.
Then there’s the other forums, events, the OMC…

I’m thinking cheeky shots, nothing lurid, sexy more than tacky. The girl next door look, and a front page that offers much but actually delivers little. Avague idea of the sort of thing:

Rather than waiting for our female members to volunteer, a voting system by the guys might be the way to go.
Mrs Scorch is a professional illustrator/digital illustrator, and I know she would be happy to deal with formatting the layout.

If we don’t have someone on here with a connection in the printing industry I’ll eat my own leathers.
I also think that if the Ace was used as a backdrop for any of the pictures, it would have international appeal. I know from experience that American bikers lap up anything connected with the Ace, its unusual to watch a U.S. bike program on cable without some mention of the legendary Ace Cafe.
We could pimp it on Amazon, Ebay, and even sites like Ghost Bikes would surely want to support this?

Logistically I think it’s probably too late this year, but with a bit of planning and enthusiasm I reckon it could bring in a bucket of cash for the LAA next Christmas.

Finally, I’m not forgetting the other half of the equation. I see this working for both sexes, although I’m not qualified to make suggestions in that department. I think everything above applies if you swap the word girls for guys.

Other than making the suggestion, I’m not sure I’m qualified to offer any other input, what it needs is a couple of motivated, outgoing individuals to get this off the ground.


Mate, if that was the girl next door I’d be living next door :wink:

i think LB have done a calendar in the past already, but its still a good idea.

i’m up for it.

ps. can i get to choose the boy who’s going to pose on my bike? :smiley:

You can use my bike…but not my daughter :smiley: and I’d buy that for a dollar

As I have said before - calendars with good looking girls are two a penny :smiley: What we need is good looking biker blokes - that would sell like hotcakes on here and all over the country:P. Loads of our lads have proved they are willing to have a shot - so:

I’m thinking Brockwell Lido, Mr September emerging from the water in his underpants, sweeping the autumn leaves aside with one rev of his engine as he leaps onto his trusty Triumph and storms across the park in a rush of speed, before grapping a plate of custard at the caff on the hill and… (although that would be a film, rather than a calendar). Or Mr April, standing on top of the saddle of a Gixer, in his Daniel Craig lycra cycling shorts and woollen scarf, welding pipes with sparks flying into the evening air…I could go on, but you get my drift :smiley:

Straight out of the lido & onto the bike in September? Imagine the windchill :crying:

Well we do have some nice days in September :smiley: (Or maybe Mr June can take the Lido shots on:))

If it came down to it, I’d rather whip my drawers off for charity than run a marathon.

Totally agree!!!

I’d rather do most things than run 26 miles!

Once again I’ll take the models out on dates but we’ll have to go Dutch due to the larger scale of this project.

Amen to that

So you are off on a date with Mian then Joby? I gather he has volunteered to be Mr December :smiley: (although you might have to clear it with Emma first)

:smiley: Excuse my ignorance but what does “go Dutch” mean?

it means that Joby wants to take the models out on a date in Holland, it works out cheaper that way. :laugh:

Hahaa, just looked up go Dutch, it’s not what i thought it might be!

I’m sure your version would be far more fun, let’s try it sometime! :slight_smile:

I’ve left it a bit late for a witty retort but lets just say it had nothing to do with paying 50-50, wearing clogs or visiting flower markets…

‘Bucko Boys & Their Bikes’

Has a good ring to it…I’d buy it depending on “high quality content” lol - I’ve already got the GoCommando Royal Marines calendar on my deek :slight_smile:

EH? Something funny is going on with all the posts didn’t see the date on this DOH!