I'd like your views on Colin Collins please

especially as I will be looking at buying it with one or two other people, to continue it trading as a going conern

I THINK YOU’LL FIND THE COST ARE TO HIGH IN THE HARROW BRANCH. YSL is a poxy little shop. Watford is a ****hole. The Letchworth branch might be worth a look. The rents cheap and it’s a great size. A bit off the beaten track though.

I wish you the very best of luck!

Did you used to work for colin collins?Did they sack you or something?

All you do/say about colin collins seems to be slagging them off/putting them down!!!

You forget rex Judd aren’t that great - Bad installations of equipment - poor service - only barely made tracker installers due to not being very competant!

But then there are people who say you offered quite a good service (probably due to the free breakfast)

So lets see if its personal - what do you think of these other dealers?

Chiswick Honda

Dobles honda


Lloyd cooper

And of course what do you think about your own shop Rex Judd?

by the way Colin collins would be a good investment - i’m looking into buying it with two other people!

Personally I would keep the Harrow shop and sadly let the other ones go. As Harrow in my opinion would be the best location due to shop size and workable area. Some of the staff I would keep on or invite to return to their positions and some I would have to let go not for any other reason but resources and financial reasons.

I would try to get it back to how it used to be before the big expansion came and just have one shop to concentrate on instead of trying to spread my finances to thin.

On the whole a good buy if treated right I would also go back to customer service as the first rule I am not saying that Colin Collins gave bad customer service I can not comment ether way as I only ever bought parts from them but my customers have bought numerous things from them from bikes to clothing and if it was so bad why did they keep going back to them as repeat customers. I don’t see them being better or worse than a lot of other bike shops and that is based on what my customer tell me. It would be good to see the shop and workshop stay alive as in the industry it’s happening all to frequent places closing

As a moderator I would prefer that opinions be sent to you via PM.

Perosnally I feel CC like most companies had thier problems and If I were the one buying it I would re-brand and move on. Some fo the staff were spot on, others especially in the past in the service dept were not.

I would suggest a trawl through the name and shame post and you can see where the customers felt they had a great service and where they were let down.

I think you are very brave to consider the purchase. If you do buy it I wish you greater success then the last owners and ask that you consider discount for LB members

if people want to pm me thats fine

don’t want to cause any problems

we have the necessary finance, so if there are people looking to help run the business with a small equity stake, we’d be willing to talk to them

pm me if you want to talk or meet

Hi all,

on reading post’s about colin collins i dont think it’s fair to slag off any shop,each and every dealer has bad points and good points.

I would like to think that the service i gave customer’s was good and that is why they kepted coming back,it was not just a job for me it was a great pleasure for me to get customers parts and accessories and clothing that they wanted for there bike’s and them selves and to give the best advice i could and i have met so many nice people in the process of working at the watford shop and the staff i worked with are brilliant.(you know who you are xxx)

i am gutted that i am one of many guy’s and girl’s that have been made redundant and that with out notice have been put into a position where we are looking for new jobs and strugling to pay bill’s.

i would just ask that if you had problems with the service you recieved you should have made a point of contacting colin collins to get it sorted we were not perfect but we could have tried to correct any error’s,but the dead has been done and just remember there are guys and girls out there who have worked for the company for year’s and really enjoyed it and i am very sad that it has now gone,so please dont tar all staff with a bad name.

as for the branche’s last thing i heard was that they are selling as ongoing concern but too much money is owed,horrow i think would be best if you could get it great location and there is more than enough parking,letchworth is too far out and hidden.if you decide to go for it i wish you all the best.

thank you for your time and all ride safe

Colin Collins Redundentee!!!

Well I brought 3 bikes from CC and had a decent level of service all the time so I am sad to see them go

However equally I heard of some shocking stories inc trying to charge my brother for a service that wasn’t actually carried out.

On the whole I would say CC was certainly no worse than other shops I’ve been too.

“on reading post’s about colin collins i dont think it’s fair to slag off any shop”

Look, name and shame sections allow us to let others know if we feel we’ve been skanked over by a retailer. Therefore bad dealers are not going to like that. Why do you feel its not fair???

BUT, its also there for us to use when we’ve received excellent service from an outlet. Retailers would do well to remember that.

Sure we can go back to the retailer to try to remedy a bad experience, and if its rectified to our satisfaction, we can update the name and shame section to reflect this. But more often than not a bad experience in the first place can easily be avoided by getting things right, FIRST TIME.

Sorry to hear about the job losses though. Thats never nice to hear. But its a tough market out there. There are as many ‘ok’ motorcycle dealers about as there are bad ones. But excellent ones are very few and far between. Those are the ones that tend to survive, and a few more would be nice.

Yeah but this isn’t the name and shame section is it???!!!

i dont think is fair my self as not all branches were the same,we tried to help customer’s as much as possible,doing things in our own time to sort customers out where possible if needed,i know things did go wrong on occasion but we did try to sort our customer’s out.

I am sorry to those who did have a bad experiance,but some story’s are told and bit’s get filled in to make things sound worse.

the name and shame section have good things about harrow with certain members of staff and i feel there is more praise there then shame.

thank you to all the customers that stayed with us even if we did do wrong,but i hope we tried to sort you out in the end.

and yes i do agree on the name and shame section it is good.you want to know who has a bad rep and weather to even give them a try.every one deserves and 2nd chance…
it’s not that they had a bad rep why they have gone,it was down to the fact the car dept thats was there lost **** loads of money and the bike section could not bail them out!!,too much money was owed…and bike sales could not sell enough bikes and accessories to make this up.

anyway that’s me and i’m a bird so what do i know!!!

any how back to the topic.

if you go for a branch and can get harrow,i think it would be a prime location good things will come from there,easy to find and park your bike
could go far…
as said wish all the best if you do go for it.




thanks for your comments

not sure how the thread ended up here, its not in the forum that it was started in

please don’t can it as me and my colleages are going to try to do something good for us and the staff

i am sorry didnt mean to get your post put into bovvered and if you could help the staff am sure they would be grateful

thanks and sorry again.

ok well!!leave it with u and your colleges then ok hun.x

Who said it was???

watford branch looked after me.every time i used it.found them ok

I never bought from them, but i did ring up about a bike not long ago and they were very good in helping me with the questions i gave.

truthly i would be away with the watford branch and just have harrow and letchworth.

letchworth espically becasue of several reasons:

1)it is in a prime location

2)there isnt any Motorbike only shops around in the area of that size - ponly smaller sizes i.e Saunders

3)the size of the building is huge with alot of potential

4)lots of people know of that area

and finally and most important …

5)its close to me

as for the harrow branch i havnt been there so cant say alot but seen some pics and heard about it and sounds spacious and a really good buy.

whatever you guys do make it good and now offense to anyone make it a better service at letchworth becasue some really pissed people of.

but good luck. hope to hear soon