ice tonight


You may not know ( cos i ain’t told no one yet!) some times i drive a Gritter…We are out tonight and in the morn. So its gonna be icy and ya bikes gonna rust. Be carefull ot there …and wash ya bike down if you go out…got to go we start at 6.


cheers for the heads up mate - I’m out and about early tomorrow so will keep an eye out.


I’m not riding, but thanks for the heads up.

Cheers for that mate, im up early on the bike and ive just looked out of the window and i see ice on the car already.

Oh god,does that mean I’llhave to wash my bike after I go out tomorrow

Anybody know a car/bike wash where I can take it to get it washed?

According to my mate Trinoo, there’s a bike wash around the back of Bandit Bikes, 52 Nelson Street near Shadwell tube.

Dunno if they open on a Sunday, but I saw his Blade looked brand new after going there for a clean.

Where the heck is Shadwell Tube??

sheri you can wash it with cold water so the salt wont react as much and then spray the bike with scotoiler f363 anti corrosion spray!!

Hmmm that’s good to know, I work about 2 minutes from Shadwell Tube, will check it out this week, bike needs a good clean after today!

any idea what they charge?

Not sure, but here’s their website:

I’m just not that keen on doing it myself, lo. That and I live on the 9th floor - going up and down for buckets of water will be a mission!!

I can get to and from work without ever going on a salted road thank god but how do the guys with fairings wash down there engines and down pipes etc any special tips or is it just a case of removing the fairings?

Da Artist

The wash place behind Bandit Bikes charge £4 and they’re open from 9am - 7pm, 7 days a week

There’s a drive through at staples corner

£4 dont sound bad, i’m gona give em a try next time i’m that way

I didn`t know of places where they wash your bike exsited.

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