ICE tags

Does anyone here carry one? I’ve got a couple of medical conditions and allergies that it would probably be useful to have people know if I was in an accident so I’m considering getting one.

Are there any that people would recommend?
Plus do ambulance crews actually carry laptops or other devices that can read the USB ones?

I have one of these that I was given at work but it’s sat in a drawer at home as I have 2 helmets and can never decide which one to put it on. The card unfolds to show name, address, em,ergency contact, allergies etc.

I seem to remember some kind of green sticker that you put on your helmet to notify ambulance crews that you’ve got details on a card stuffed between the helmet shell & padding - maybe I was given one at bikesafe, It’s not on the lid anyway.

Probably a card in your wallet would do just as well - I’m sure that’s the first place emergency services would look for your ID

I just used the back of a couple of my business cards from work I put my ICE contacts (family) and that I dont have any meds or allergies then I sealed them with some clear packing tape I’ve got one in my wallet and another in my jacket I ride in

Wear dog tags on my datatool lanyard round my neck. Has my details and phone number for my wife and dad. Just in case.

Always wondered if the emergency service would actually check whats round my neck though. They’re just normal dog tags that I had made up, weren’t expensive

I wear dog tags. £2.50 a set.

Think I’ll get a set of tags of some sort but I’m not sure everything I need to put on it would fit on normal ones, so the USB ones might be the way to go :unsure:

Like I said tho, how likely is it that the ambulance crew will bother to stick a USB stick in a computer if/when they’re trying to save someone’s life…

I wouldn’t think the ambulance crew would have anything to plug a USB stick into until they arrived at the hospital. Unless you want to put your entire medical history on there a USB seems like overkill anyway

The vital ID stickers are cheap, simple and have a decent amount of room to write on if you’re allergic to stuff etc. A quick google shows that you can pick them up in Greenhams for about £3 if there’s one near you.

They do look like a good idea. Never heard of Greenhams.
I may look into getting a tag/keyring of some sort though so I don’t have to stick one of those on my helmet.

i dont think hospitals would insert a usb stick that they dont know incase of virous’s, just a thought.

I’ve got one of those crash cards, its in between the cheek pad and liner, it has name etc any important medical info, and i have the green spot just behind the base plate, not on the visor as i regularly swap dark/clear.

as far as i’m aware Essex and London paramedics are trained to look for these on bikers?

unless the dog tags are rubber sided silent ones i would’nt wear them, i’m proper fussy about things on pockets or neck chains etc when riding.

when i worked for the NHS it was a big no no with regards to USB sticks that were non NHS.

They wouldn’t.

I bought a CD (to keep it legal) on human biology to my ward for the nurses, the responce of the IT tech team was to disable the CD drive.

Thanks guys. So, the USB ones are completely pointless then… that’s great thinking by the manufacturers!
I’ll have a look for a card-type one.


I bought the Utag wristband USB type.

Wear it when on a ride-out but not everyday, maybe i should. Lets you put lots of info on them.

I wear a Utag, You get 2 stickers to put on your helmet that say UTag on rider. I also work for the Ambulance service and the answer to your above question is yes we do insert the USB. Ambulance’s can insert the USB into the Ambulance’s MTD to access the information. A&E departments will also insert USB for medical information as all NHS computers have major anti virus software installed.

I would recommend a Utag every day of the week :smiley:

Not in London they don’t!
I’ve never seen an MDT yet that has USB ports on it that are accessible to crews.
The chances of any crew I know of taking any notice of a USB key round someone’s neck in a serious accident are somewhere between slim and none.

Stick with the crash cards, they’re dead simple and free!

Okay. I’ll see if I can confirm with the LAS whether or not they would check a USB, and in the meantime I’ll pick up a crash card from the Ace when I’m passing next.

Thanks all :slight_smile:

I use one of the crash cards with a green dot sticker on your visor. It’s free. Why wouldn’t you?

I never even knew they existed, but like I said I’ll pick one up at the Ace now I do :slight_smile:

I can’t tell you what the LAS’s official line is but I can pretty much confirm that as crews, we’d ignore it!

Obviously the service might say something different officially as they always know best :wink:

Ive had all my allergies and previous partners tattoed on my left gonad, lucky its so big.:smiley: