Ice Skating at Somerset House... Anyone?

I went to Somerset House last night with work, 4.15pm session, it was great fun, wore my textile jacket complete with shoulder/elbow armour and didn’t fall over once, unlike last year! :pinch:

Everyone at work was taking the proverbial but I think it was an inspired choice of clothing!! :smiley:

:smiley: Excellent! Full armoured race leathers then… Qx

Great idea, i pass the Somerset house ice rink everyday, but haven’t tried once. i will be there

I’ll ask a lady friend of mine as I know she wanted to do this. If its yes I’ll be there. Silly question but who will I be looking for, the people in bike gear?:rolleyes: I’ll probably take the tube.

Look for a bunch of misfits :slight_smile: will prob have a bike jacket on… not sure on timing as yet: do people prefer afternoon or evening? Qx

I need to by back by the evening so would be great if it could be between 12 and 2 meet. Don’t know if that suits people. :cool:

Well as this is the day after the LB Christmas bash I would have thought late afternoon/evening would be better, dependent on whose going to both and how hungover they will be on Sunday, but it really depends on the majority really?!?

4pm sounded good to me.

There is a session at 4:15 on Sunday but I can’t book online - keeps crashing. Will call Ticketmaster tomoro, hopefully there are still tickets… we can meet at the rink’s caf at 3:30…

Please book your slots people! Q

tried on-line booking just now, it said no tickets available at that slot

Don’t do it!!! I went to the one at Kew on tues evening, was actually good fun :smiley: was just the 3 hour session in Kingston A&E after that wasn’t so fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Some annoying little girl got in my way 10 mins before the end and I fell over trying to avoid her, hit the ground like a sack of spuds!! badly sprained and swollen wrist now in some very fetching granny splint!! If anyone goes to Kew, watch out for a little blonde girl in all pink, she’s evil :stuck_out_tongue: if anyone does see her, take her out for me, lol :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

what really happened was Westy had been lapping Dawn consistently through the session so Dawn upped her game towards the end nearly wiping out an innocent little girl, 3 spins and a double pike later… was in the floor in a pile of pain. :D:D:D

blaming the children huh! you big bully :stuck_out_tongue:

To be fair to me, I wasn’t really in a heap on the floor in pain, I was all for going home, Westie made me go see the scary 1st aid lady with the strange lump on my wrist!!

So sorry about this one guys, internet crash plus no tickets left for that session meant it wasn’t happening - can only now post - thanks to Sky’s rubbish broadband. Pants. Q