Ice Skating at Somerset House... Anyone?

How about an LB ice skating event :cool:at Somerset House. Great setting, hot wine, lots of laughs and a few bruises… just an idea. Anyone? Qx

I’d be up for this. Just leave the leathers on - fewer bruises!

Yeah and the lids:D that would be fun…i love mulled wine makes ya feel all christmasy!:w00t:

I’m already going next Wednesday afternoon with work, my bosses treat! :smiley:

I’ll be wearing my textile jacket this year though, went to Hyde Park last year and my bl00dy elbow is still not totally sorted from that tumble! :pinch:

Great fun though so could be up for a second visit dependent on timing?

Yeah I’d be up for this. (Will already be bruised!).

Am assuming a weekend afternoon/evening would be best?

A few more responses and I’ll start sorting Q

Only available Thursday or Sunday afternoon evenings.

I may actually try and come along to this - I love ice skating. Used to have an ice rink where I used to be, I was there every week. I’m not brilliant at it but I’m not too shabby. Not been skating in about 4 months though, really miss it. Could be a bit of a laugh :slight_smile:

timing dependent i’m game

possible depends on when it is really

How about Sunday late afternoon either 14th or 21st?

Am liking the idea!:slight_smile:

Ian and I would be up for this. :smiley:

I would be well up for that.

Well up until you fall down hehe :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

Ok folks how about 21st late afternoon… bout 4ish?

Looking forward to this :slight_smile: Q

If I go to the LB night out, I probably wont make this. Didnt get up till 3pm on Sunday after what I would call a quiet night in Camden!
I’ll come if I can stand up unassisted! :w00t:

Are you talking about the LB Christmas do now or the ice skating?!? :wink: :smiley:

21st for ice skating is good for me!

Ice-skating! Dont need to be able to stand to drink!

I’m game, 21st 4ish, crash lid a must for me though. :hehe: