IAM Test passed

On Saturday :smiley:

Insurance premium down 50 quid for next year now :smiley:

I’d quite like to do this one day but I’m far to institutionalized as a Courier riding ‘spatch’ to pass I fear… :satisfied:


Well done fella :slight_smile:

Well done, something I hope to do in the next couple of years… :slight_smile:

Well done fella , good effort !

As one of those you should automatically get a pass the **** you have to put up with!

Start now ;)Cheaper insurance and plenty of useful tips

Congrats! It’s a great feeling when you pass, it makes all those cold and wet ORs worthwhile! :wink:

Which group are you with?

TVAM - largest group in the country apparently, going to the monthly meet SundayAnd it was worth it as I broke my leg on an observed run last year!

Well done!

Now take the RoSPA test and see how good you really are :wink:

You may even get me as your examiner :w00t:

Well done,

After all the good IAM training I’ve been given for next to nothing, one day I’ll get round to doing the test :doze:

Will be doing a Bikesafe day shortly, appreciate there is always room for improvment, may do Rospa at a later date

Well done !

Isn’t Bikesafe designed as a ‘taster’ for IAM / advanced training ?

I started IAM a few weeks ago, picked up some useful info already !

Well done mate - I’m in the middle of preparing for mine with Middlesex Advanced Motorcyclists. They reckon I’m 90% of the way to test standard after my last observed run.How many observed runs did you do before you took your test?

Well you’d probably pass your FFDRC (Filthy blinkers Dispatch Riders Certificate) with ease! :smiley:

I passed my test while I was a courier and only did two observed rides before doing the test. Its not that hard…just common sense.

They may question your objectionable filtering :smiley:

How real world are these advanced courses?

London riding is a world away from pottering around in the sticks…Sometimes you have to be aggressive and use the throttle.

I’d like a London courier to set up an advanced course on London riding…including how to avoid being a car bonnet ornament. How to predict dense traffic flow and that using speed isn’t always the fastest way to make progress.

The advanced guys will probably chime in now and say that Rospa / IAM teaches you all this, but I’m just not convinced really.

For one thing, sticking to the law is big on their list, but sometimes you have to bend the rules slightly to get ahead of that [email protected] in a German car getting too close / trying to undertake you / that pulls out on you meaning you have to twist the throttle to accelerate possibly above the speed limit to get around him / her.

Not slating training. Far from it and I have considered doing IAM / Rospa but like I said, not yet convinced.

Sorry Bracknell Taz :smiley:

Congrats :hehe:

I joined IAM last March and probably had about 8 runs, it’s about the quality of the runs not the quantity, my observer stated that if I got 3 A graded runs I should go for the test, I had 2 brush up runs this year and my last 5 runs were A’s with an overall graded test of "good"Some, and only some of the areas of IAM can be a bit institutionalised but overall I certainly got a lot more out of it than I thought I would have.

Superb bro, congrats :wink: