IAM Ripley (nr Woking) Sunday 4th 10am

Just read Smiled’s post and instead of replying thought I’d start a new thread.

You all seem to know about Bikesafe - well Dorking is £50 for one day. IAM is £80 for the first year and £30 p.a. thereafter.

Admittedly not having done Bikesafe, but I believe they are similar, just that with IAM you get an observed ride every month, plus in between with your mentor if you want.

So come along to Ripley Village hall or find your local group.

(I believe they will accept pipe smoking slipper wearing BMW or Goldwing riders, but Blades, Gixxers and VFR’s will find it much easier to blend in )

Edit: Oops, Please move to Bike talk??

London Bikesafes are £30, but involve more lecturing, road casualty statistics etc (that’s the cost of it being heavily subsidised).

IAM sounds like a good idea

I have done Surrey Bikesafe at Dorking. The guy I went out with had real probs keeping up with me on his wheezy beemer RT (i wasn’t even trying lol) , but… he was fantastic, used radio (he’s the only one at Dorking who does - i believe there is some kind of liability fear with the use of radio… you’re bound to get some numpty mis hear or take something literally).

I have not done either of the London ones, looking to do one of them soon so i can compare… London bike safe is subbed by red Ken and they are (supposed) to show you more gruesome stuff, surrey is unsubbed hence it being 50 notes…

As for IAM… RoSPA is apparently better… there is a critisism held against the IAM that they more or less anyone be an “Observer”, something that RoSPA are apparently better at…

I have done both Bikesafe and I.A.M course. There are not the same, yes they do both teach you about observation but I.A.M goes further than that as in road reading, road position, observation, slow manouvers.

After doing Bikesafe i made we want to learn more, so did I.A.M with Richm. I passed in October 2005 and started in Febuary same year.

I recommend anyone to do Bikesafe and the I.A.M course, it does make you a better rider.

John & Biggus, That’s what I was trying to get at that IAM lasts a year it must be better than Bikesafe.

I think “let anyone be an observer” is a bit crap really. It’s hard enough to pass your test (always tested by Police Class 1) and then more training & test to become an observer. I for one have full confidence n all observers I have encountered.

Isn’t Rospa really expensive?

I’ve done the Met Police Bikesafe and am a member of the WVAM (IAM) at Ripley.

Good rideouts and advice from the observers at Ripley. Well worth eighty squids.

I did Bikesafe in Dorking as well in order to reduce my insurance. It showed me up and promted the extra training and follow on with IAM. I thought I knew it all after doing the bikesafe course but IAM goes as far as you want to learn as there is always an observer/mentor with better skills available to show you more or analyse your riding and provide feedback.

I would recommend going straight through to IAM though - they do an induction meeting/talk thing I beleive which is similar to Bikesafe - in fact its the same guys that do the Bikesafe talk so it cant be far off. Then you can do a free first observed ride to get an idea of what its like. First Sunday of evey Month (this weekend) - just off the M3. Wey Valley IAM: http://www.wvam.org.uk/index.php

I am also with IAM Ripley??? hardsell hardsell

Just off the A3 not M3