The IAM retest scheme is their ‘IAM Fellow’ thing:
Similar to RoSPA, you’ll need to retest every 3 years, and the membership is £49 a year to cover that retest cost.

Been discussed in our group a bit, but been little take up or interest in it from our membership, I suspect due to extra cost and effort required by members. Our impression is that it’s an offering more suited for someone riding commercially where the maintenance of skills is crucial, or something employers wish to verify. TBH Blood Biking could be considered to fit this, but it’s perhaps not something for someone just riding socially.

The other interesting new-ish IAM offering is their Masters scheme. A much higher level grade, highest civilian motoring/riding qualification in the UK from what I understand.

I’ve just signed up with IAM on the weekend and have been allocated to LAM. Does that mean all observed rides can only be with them and do they do the test? There isn’t that much clear information on the IAM website or I might just be missing it!
I’m hoping to pass my IAM test ASAP to then become a volunteer with SERV.

Great thing to do.

You can join SERV without the IAM or ROSPA qualification but must agree to pass it in the first year.

They’ve changed the rules unfortunately! It was like that a few years ago but now insists on the qualification up front!

Unfortunately that is no longer the case, I’ve been doing it for 4yrs, no one told me the deadline was 1st Jan 2020 so even with ally experience I can no longer work for them hence having to now do mine.

Shaun, did you pick Banstead or tatsfield?


So you will be allocated an observer by LAM. Your observer will do a series of rides with you and when he is confident you are ready for a test, you will be told. **(see below) The test assessor is usually plod and is kind of independent of the IAM group. He may test more than 1 group, maybe a ROSPA one too.

If you want to get a move on, be clear with your observer that is the case. And practice whatever you are being asked to work on. It may not be a lot given your experience…

But setting a regular time with your observer - say Saturday mornings - will help get it along. And riding in all weathers will too :slight_smile:

**All of the above applies to the Suffolk lot. We also have what we call a “Cross check” which is a mock test done by a national observer - a final check before you go for test. (I failed mine - London filtering not welcome in Suffolk lol) - Put an asterix as I don’t know if other IAM groups do cross checks too.

We also had a load of SERV riders after the observing. Most flew through, one or two didn’t. Good luck.

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^ “he or she” - I would hope at least
Thanks all, I’ve been reading this thread and hadn’t really ever thought about doing SERV myself, but have reached out to them

ELAM often do a ‘test check’ mock test type thing too. Often with a different observer to the one you were allocated - i.e. a second opinion.

Note it will be yourself who ultimately books the test with IAM direct, and theoretically there’s nowt stopping you booking it early. However, we’ve seen a number in our group booking early despite observers informing them they weren’t quite ready and then they’ve failed… Wastes time all round, wastes your money (retests will cost you) and tarnishes a group’s pass rate. If you’re decent, you’ll whizz through the course, but do take on board what the observer say, they’ll have been volunteering their time for years, passing countless folk through the test and they’ll know their stuff.

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That’s interesting. My lot in Suffolk - an associate doesn’t book the test - we do it for them.

Funnily enough (or not) every single observer in the SAM is male. We have about 25 in total. Ridiculous that not 1 female observes.

welcome to LAM Shaun … I’m a LAM member but spend more time on their (private) forum than I do riding on roads these days (off road and on track these days)

A good group and can recommend Wookie (Andrew Longshaw) as a really interesting and progressive observer …he wont fanny about with you.

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Ah, we can beat you there in ELAM, we’ve 3 female observers, out of 21 total. Over the years we’ve had a number of women on the committee too, though that number has dropped a bit recently.


Yeah, things are sometimes a bit backward in Suffolk.

Their idea of diversity up here, is to shag both sisters :slight_smile:


agreed LAM did a check test with a senior obs with me and I booked my own test (this was in 2005 tho so things might have changed !)




Yeah, things are sometimes a bit backward in Suffolk.

Their idea of diversity up here, is to shag both sisters :slight_smile:

Bwahahaha :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: