IAM Open Day at Lydden on the 18th April

East Kent Advanced Motorcyclist open day.

Wot sort of prices will it be Loki?

It’s a freebie, not a track day though. Text in the email I received says…

** *"It’s not a trackday as such, but people can book for the track day in advance if they like.

The event is aimed at publicising EKAM, the IAM and Advanced riding. It’s also a social event for our members too, with a dealer demo etc going on during the day."* **

you sure its not a track day cos me and 5 other moto’s are booked in for this?


It’s a smallish track, and if the off-road bit is to be used, it’ll make the rest of the track a little more ’ interesting ’ with the dirt being brought back onto the track by motos :w00t:

I think EKAM are just using the facilities, not the track. You can book a track day there. I hear it is a good track. Someone mentioned it is anti-clockwise so mainly lefties. Not sure if this is true.

no its a full tarmac trackday, open to all bikes:) book up m8

should be more interesting than the indy track at brands

thank lordy for that cos i dont think they’d have liked trying to learn safe riding with a bunch of supermoto’s goin past them sideways:D

Well said Madders, i saw the first line for the EKAM day…“Improve Your Roadcraft” then i thought of us doing our track day, and im still laughing an hour later, oh dear oh dear, i wheel my KTM out of the garage and any Roadcraft and sense goes waaayyy out the window…;):D:D