I wonder how many times the cops stopped him.

It’s only a gas tank, but I wonder how many timesthe cops stopped him.

w0w I need to get myself one of those! that’s awesome!!!

20 odd years ago there was a bike at the TT with a tank/seat unit that was a girl lying on her back with her legs crossed. The clocks were in her hair, she was wearing a leather waistcoat with a rose on it (fuel cap). The number plate and rear light were attached to the sole of her high heals.

Only problem was that when riding the bike you were sitting on her lap so not as good as this!

I heard that you can get a male alternative. It sells less well, but it comes with a free moustache.

yeah, they’re called HArley’s and they sell like great big lumps of iron to people who want to make a lot of noise, spend a lot of money and polish a lot of chrome… mustaches not needed as the buyer usually has one along with a massive set of buggers grips to boot! :hehe:

does everyone hates HD’s???

Not at all, Harley’s were awesome bikes when biking was about being noisy and aggressively Mechanical in my view. Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s constructions were equally magnificent and spectacular but of their time. Imagine building something on the scale of his work now. Very impressive but bl00dy impractical.

Thing about Harley’s is they embody a very specific and VERY outdated concept of macho cool and free that is just so shonky with today’s values… in America not the case, but here in the UK, hairy chested, rough talking cowboys are Blue Oyster Club invitation only… there may be chicks that like that sort of thing, but it does also need the right kind of guy to pull that off and you don’t see those kind of guys on Harleys here… you only get fat old accountants or very butch (and admittedly sometimes very sexy, but frustratingly out of reach) lemsbians…

holy ****,…anna, what are you doing!!!