I WISH....

there was a website that was like a swap shop for parts and spares…

like everything is free and you can gain points by how much you give a way…just for those ppl who really have no money but really need a part…!!!

why wont someone create somthing like this?


Am i being a doofus or : http://www.swapshop.co.uk/


Edit : yes i am , you can only buy stuff from their site ! how lame is that !

thats fine if you want a book on how to make doyles…but for motorcycles?:D.

would be a cracker!!!


I did spot a cars section , just nothing on it !

Guess you know what to do in your spare time now fella , build a site !

well ‘FREE’ is a very difficult business model, thats probably why. If you dont mind paying ‘a bit’, theres always ebay.

i got a swap shop in the spare top room it’s like classic bike heaven up there i really need to ebay some off this crap…