I wasn't the only one

Not being nasty about this but this has made me smile, the following pics feature the guy who took me out, here are a set of pictures of him doing the same to someone else! Lucky escape, I was 2 bikes infront of all this, you can just see me in pics 3 and 4, infront of the green bike. This is the second race when I had to start at the back and had just overtaken these two.















Excellent pictures, hes going to build up a good portfolio of stacks at this rate. I guess youll be keeping away from him now. Except if your chasing him in the paddock afterwards to slap him.
That was an awkward looking crash, he looked in no fit state to get up after that.

He was OK. He raced the next day and came 22nd and 18th. Fortunately I was way ahead of him, deffo one to be avoided.

Blimy Chuffster… Looks like that other guy was going to keep his bike rubber side down!! Doh!!!

Jesus, looks like the other guy took up racing because he was fed up of the expense of crashing on the road???

you should print them out it would make a good flick book

Iwas thinking that. Will he keep it upright…doh!

My mate Duncan, otherwise known as BIGGUS on here took some vid of the weekend. For a quick glimpse of recorded action please see below address. To save our bandwidth can you right click and save as, ta very muchly :-


Nice video Chuffster, though what are the inline-fours and two-strokes I can hear out there!? I thought it was SV-650’s only? Looks like someone was playing mobile chicane near the chicane, hehe.

Sorry - cut and paste the wrong one - doh. Thats was the ACU licence day and I was out with 400’s.

You want this one :-


You just get the aftermath of my friend (NOT), number 18 crashing as per the set of pictures.