I was given some good advice today, but not bike related


Many of you might already know this, so my apologies, but I was given some advice this morning by my nurse which I had never heard before.

Today was INR blood test day which means trekking off down to the Doctors surgery (pre-arranged appointment) and having a needle stuck in my arm and precious red stuff drawn off.

Usually it is a quick in and out job, 5 minutes tops.

However, today, went to stick the needle in my left arm, and there was hardly a dribble. Tries in another vein, same problem.

Went into my right arm, first attempt nothing and then second attempt, bingo, the red stuff started to flow.

Apparently, difficulty in finding a vein or getting a good flow is often down to being dehydrated.

And so, I was told, if I have a glass of water or just a drink, the vein becomes easier to find and the claret flows easier.

Never knew that. So in 3 months time I will follow that advice, although in fairness it is not usually a problem I have really had before.

But had I known that, my arms would not be currently looking like a pin cushion and going a lovely shade of blue and purple

Never too old to learn something new though


Yup, drinking (water) throughout the day helps a lot. As does eating correctly.

Only reason I know it is I regularly donate blood and the first couple of times they couldn’t find a vein… Didn’t click until later when I remembered both those days I had very busy days at work


Or you need someone that’s better at canulating :innocent:

Yes the water trick helps but if I can get a needle in someone who’s bleeding with low blood pressure an awake person with good blood pressure shouldn’t be a problem :thinking:


Serrisan, I know what you are saying, but I am on limited fluid intake for life.

1.5 litres of fluid a day is my maximum except in really hot weather when I can go to 2 litres


Ah yes I had forgotten that… Not sure how you cope. I drink about 4l of water day (add coffees etc on top) and that’s after my doc told me that 5-6 of water a day is harmful and that I need to cut down…


Water helps but i think its more than that as Curtis says.

The nurse at our GP surgery books me into the walk-in centre for my blood tests because she always struggles to get any flow. At the walk-in its just what it says on the door - Walk-in, jab, draw blood and walk out. I believe it’s all down to the nurse at the GP surgery not being as proficient as the nurses at the walk-in who do bloods all day every day.

Another time I took my then 7 day old son into A&E and three nurses there couldn’t get a drip in his arm. After several unsuccessful attempts enter Pediatrician who shakes his head, takes charge and puts the drip in via the ankle at the first attempt.


To be fair, the nurses that do my blood sucks are very good and very experienced. I have been having blood taken by them up to 30 - 40 times a year and really not had a problem.


Do not get me started on blood taking!
I had so many nurses and doctors blaming my low blood pressure, then a more experienced nurse comes along and has no issues.


I remember being taught in one of the many sports coaching courses that I’ve done, that 2% dehydration = 30% regression in performance.