i was a naughty boy. caught doing 40 in a 30 along OKR. worried about the letter

wording is

notice of intended prosecution

in accordance with section 1 of the traffic act offenders act 1988…

40 along 30 15th may 2013 at 9.38 old kent road north of commercial way

had to fill a form and send it off declaring i was the rider/driver

im worried ill go to court / will get a crippling fine / banned

nah - you’ll almost certainly be given a choice of speed awareness course or £60/3 points combo - no court malarkey…

i used to do 30 on a mountain bike… 30 is too fukn slow

Yep 40 in a 30 is within the range for a speed awareness course (speed limit, PLUS 10%, PLUS 9mph - i.e. 42 in a 30.

how much are they?

it’s about £100

fook that

ill take the points and 60

fair enough…just consider that there may be an impact on your insurance premium once you declare the conviction/points…

I don’t understand the incentive of these speed awareness courses. Surely you have to declare the conviction regardless of which option you choose. In which case, if the insurers are going to hike the premium they’ll do it anyway, whether you actually receive points or not. No?

Also, consider that if you were to get caught again for something more serious, which may push you close to 12 points, you may regret having not taken the course.

The cost is £85 or up to £95 if at a centre remote from the constbulary where the offence took place. Well worth it if you think the alternative is a £60 fine plus FIVE years of increased insurance premiums. And, you still have three points in reserve. Oh, and we might learn something during the four hours in the classsroom.

u a copper?

Probably someone with an ounce of sense.

Woozy lad, take the classroom lesson. point free is bliss.

I understand that not having points is probably a better option but do insurers still expect you to declare the conviction for the next 5 years whether you’re given points or not? If so, you’ll still end up with 5 years worth of increased premiums.

When I got stung in the van (going through Limehouse tunnel at 4am on a Sunday morning! ) doing 37 in the 30 I was offered a speed awareness course.
It cost 90 quid, but it meant there was no points on my license so nothing to declare.

Last I heard, some insurers were starting to ask about speed awareness courses undertaken, but not all.

Wozzy sorry to burst you bubble. but I dont think you will be eligible for a speed awareness course.

unless things have changed and this link is no longer valid.

See, when I get a quote I’m always asked if I’ve had any motoring convictions, not if I have any points on my licence, so in this scenario I’d have to say yes. Unless opting for the course means that you aren’t technically convicted of an offence.

Insurers only want to know what you did so they can calculate the risks involved in insuring you. To them whether you took a speed awareness course of were given points has no bearing on anything (unless they give you a discount for being a better driver because of the course :P)

yeah this reduction to 20 in so many areas is just feckin laughable…
the whole speed thing is dubious… but then its indicative of the whole Brit ethos
In germany, you have to be educated til you puke, then you can drive with no speed limit.
In england you have to learn the bare minimum, then they make you drive at 20 cos they don’t trust you…