I want!

VFR 400 repsol, my next bike. Moving on up slowly!



Very nice bike Little400chick! I used to have one of these myself as my first sportsbike, and it was brilliant! With a nice exhaust on, they sound beautiful. The V4 engine is a hell of a lot of fun, as Matt VFR can attest to! The Repsol paint job is superb, I hope you get it!

I want to have a go at it? what’s the top speed with 65 kg on top?

thats is a lovely lookin bike alright!

Learn to ride it well and you can embarrass a lot of bigger bike owners!!

Ride it badly and you’ll still embarass a lot of other riders

Ya gotta love the NC30 single sided swing arm just looks ace and that distinctive sound heh heh. Had one myself and testament to the build quality it actually got nicked, thrashed, dumped. I then got it back spent only £150 or so and got it looking good as new.

Class bike!



Yeah Jay, Matt’s 400 is hot! and i’ve got it for 3 months! now that his back in Hong Kong working, he thought he’d let his girl look after it, so I’ve got it! Can’t ride it till the 15th of this month because thats when i have my restricted access test! but you will see me on his at the ace after that! cant wait! see u soon.

Best of luck with the test Stacey! Enjoy the VFR, it’s a GREAT bike. Just becareful with that quick-action throttle he has on there, hehe.

VFR Jap Import in standard Jap Spec clocks out at I mind blowing 112 mph.

VFR Jap Import with destrictor kit clocks out at a much better 135 mph.

Thats with standard gearing and can etc.

thanks jay! two more days 2 go! you might see me at the ace wednesday night on Matts vfr, only if i pass of course!!!

All the best Little400chick.

I wish you all the best for Wednesday as well. Go for it and enjoy.

hmmm, was someone going to tell me about the use of my bike??? NC30 is possibly one of the finist bikes ever built and with a little modification are unbeatable on all but the straightest of roads, but anyone can go fast in a straight line eh? my NC has (wait for it) ZXR400R upside down forks, 310mm RC30 discs (up from 275mm) GSX-R750 master cylinder and calipers (soon to be GSX-R1000 six pots!!) 60 degree quick action throttle (the mutts nuts) modified airbox, damper gears removed from the cams, full stainless steel/carbon kevlar exhaust system with equal length headers, coerce rear sets, race pattern gear shift, WP full race rear shock, single seat tail peice and endurance style single headlight conversion all work and mods including bodywork and machining work done by yours truly and all on a VERY tight budget (im a tight bastid me) its been clocked at a genuine 138mph by the met police on the A40 and a possible 143 by pannis gixxer thou (on a private test track officer) wheelies well after some encouragement and now has so much ground clearence that if you get the peg down you have already crashed! cracking bike all in all

a few pics


Hey there Chicky Babe… Just wanted to say Good Luck with the test… I’m sure you will Fly through it!!! Try to keep both wheels on the tarmac… he he he…

I’ve alwayas loved Matt’s bike, there’s a lot of detail you don’t notice until you look over it closely. Love that wheelie picture! I’ve got some more pictures of you stunting at the Ace Cafe, I’ll have to post them up if they’re not already.

thanks 4 all of your support! just my luck; i didnt pass but it’s ok, not giving up! hopefully i’ll re-book it asap. catch you all later x

sorry to hear of the failure. Just rebook and get out there. Dont let them grind you down.

Real sorry to hear that , but chin up you’ll breaze next time. Thay do say the best riders pass second time. (not that I agree )