I want to be in MotoGP...I want to be in MotoGP

I think Leon Haslam has the right idea by staying where he is rather than going to MotoGP, getting on a crap uncompetitive bike which then makes him look like a crap rider and scuppers his future success (Neil Hodgson) in the series.

So why are riders so keen to jump into MotoGP on bikes that will have them at the back of the pack?

I know the pit girls are probaly the best looking which is why I’d get on an RS125 and compete in MotoGP, but I’m crazy like that

Money I think, and status. The GP riders live a bit more of a higher life Plus they get to ride in the sun (generally), rather than the rain.

Even though Ellison did very little in motogp hes got a ama sbk ride off the back of it and i’ve heard it’s worth in the region of $500,000 would he of got that had he just come from bsb? Doubt it!

Money and prestige come immediately to mind…as does the opportunity to showcase your skills in the Sport’s best showcase.

I would assume that the experts in the paddocks recognize quality riding…and they probably have a fair idea about which machines are “competitive” and which are not…so they get in to the MotoGP grid, show what they can do, and hope for the opportunity to earn a seat on a more competitive machine in the future. :shrug

Spot on.

BTW, talking to Leon at Racedays Jerez he has been offered SEVERAL rides.

He’s holding out for a good 'un.

Good for BSB, be nice to see a brit win it next year!