I want one



1:10…i thought i could see bite marks in that seat when he got out…from his arrrse…:D.


:w00t:that looks like some serious fun:w00t:

woooo nice :wink:

Wow, incredible car, incredible price. I assume that £230k comes with free AA membership? :smiley:

piece of sh*t!

it dont handle at all…

crap crap…gimme a bike anyday…seriously pointless car.

Naught to 60 in 2.5 seconds is more rapid than most motorbikes :w00t:

I remember watching this on the TV … it’s mental!!

its virtually impossilbe for a bike to achieve this rate of acceleration unless its a proper drag bike…they will usually be unable to put the power down without flipping or spinning the wheels 3 seconds is the limit for most road going bikes and not much quicker for motogp bikes

Just think for about £8000 with a discount you could buy a ZZR1400 or Busa and do the same day in day out :slight_smile: