I want one of those

Almost got seduced into buying an '09 14 at the weekend. So glad I didn’t … just seen the new puppy for 2010. I definitely want one … although I liked the Yam FJR it is dated IMHO.I’m a tad concerned as to how it might behave whilst splitting traffic on the A40. I know it’ll do it but the width …whoa it’s like a battlestar … anyone regularly use a thing of this size for a daily commute?

That’s a big brute of a bike for sure, but I reckon it’ll move swiftly and fairly effortlessly through the traffic once you’re used to it.

I commute everyday into town on a ST1300 and it’s fine.

IMO does mean “I move over” so I dont even hold up other bikes

dont forget the sound of a bike that big will “gently” persuade drivers to shift over abit :smiley:

I looked and have to say I’m underwhelmed by the 2010 design. Just seems a bit samey …

I like it! A real beast of a bike it looks like.

Only 6 months later:w00t: