Probably a better buzz than biking but only just :wink:

thats mental:w00t: but would’nt fancy climbing back up to find the ski’s:hehe:

OMG, that is amazing, I’d love to do that but not sure I’d have the guts!! :w00t::w00t:

that looks mad!..i wanna go i wanna go :smiley:

If you got it wrong Tig’s we’d all be able to tell you what your guts looked like :smiley:

Bonkers, I love it!!

Ewwww :sick: There really is no room for error though is there, they were flying so close to the cliff edge!! One wrong move and splat!!!

I guess that’s about as close to true freedom as u get!!

Watch him when he " buzzes the road " - Sooooooo fast I doubt you would even feel a " mistake " at that speed :w00t:

I have to say that was pretty impressive…

I’m with Tigs though would love to do it, but would probably bail out as i looked over the edge of the cliff.

lordy! that! im sacred of heights!! :w00t:

That is mental


looks like **** loads of fun

Can you imagine driving along that road and seeing that fly past you!! you’d think someone had slipped something in to your drink!!

Not a normal occurrance for you then Tigs no ??