I wanna be doing this when I am 100yrs old ...

Dont drink,  don’t smoke …but HIGH on life … do the 5:2 diet …do a bit of @crossfit   (dont start that again)  …

Any way wanna be a fit and healthy older person ( if I can keep away from crashing into trees on the dirt bikes)

… Inshallah/God willing I might end up doing this  :slight_smile:


only 51.5 years to go  …

5:2 intermittent fasting?

yep … been doing it 5 years (ever since the bbc horizon show) …not for weight loss just for the long term benefit … piece of cake (if you excuse the pun)  … am Muslim so used to fasting anyway 

Sounds awful. Best of luck to you.


I have been doing 16/8 since June/July, and feel great! I think i wont go back to eating every 3 hrs

yep ... been doing it 5 years (ever since the bbc horizon show) ...not for weight loss just for the long term benefit .... piece of cake (if you excuse the pun)  .. am Muslim so used to fasting anyway 
Care to enlighten the rest of use on what it is?

There are a few types in intermitent fasting:

5/2 where you eat for 5 days and fast aka not eat for 2 days (Kris does this)

16/8  where you eat within a window of 8 hours and fast aka not eat for 16 hrs (I do this)

20/4 where you eat within a window of 4 hours and fast aka not eat for 20 hrs 

this is a good article to read


5/2 … this is the show I watched in 2012 


started the next day  …and been boring people about it since then  :-)

you get 5 days you can eat/drink what you want  … and you don’t really overeat on those days  …minor compensation

the “fast” days are two 24hr periods where you eat 600cals (for a bloke) and 500 cals (for a lady)

you can spread the 600cals out during the 24 hr period … i dont  … i have a big breakfast  … then start the clock … drink the odd (decaf) coffee thru the day and eat ALL the 600 cals in the evening … then go to bed hungry … and wake up in the morning wishing the clock round to 24 hrs from what I had the normal meal

i prefer the idea of skipping breakfast and waiting till 12:00 (last meal is at 20:00) again i eat the same calories and macronutrients just change WHEN i eat them. instead of having two small meals (12:00 and 15:00) I have a big lunch at 12:00

dinner is the same as it was in terms of size and time (18:00) - and i have moved ‘breakfast’ to a evening snack at 20:00

I have seen remarkable changes and remarkable non-changes.e.g. body weight and fat mass

with no change to muschle mass of strength

– as you can see from the data - nothing happens for a long time until i start IF around June


good for you … …sometimes when we go out for a meal … I will fuel up and start the 24hr clock from the end of the meal …so like the flexibility of 5:2

Another diet fad, i gotta check this out.

ha ha  .,… its only a fad if you dont keep it up right ?  … been doing the 5:2 thingy for five years now so think I am out the fad side

I eat what I like when I like. I walk at least an hour every day and I’ve only just gone above 85kg. been around 80kg since I was 25.

this 5:2 still isnt about weight for me tho  … been 80kg for ages  … ok it did blip when i hit 35 and suddenly my hollow legs filled up  …

for me its about the longer term health benefits that I am after  … even if its mumbo jumbo  … its not hard and a free placebo !

I’m 66kg and 185cm tall. I feel that dieting is not the way forward for me.

That has got to be a typo Nick.  76k surely?  Maybe a low as 71k, but 66k…

I also do 16/8, in addition to that often one day fasting, like today :slight_smile: Feel great eating less. 

Thanks for the link Kris, will watch it now. Another interesting one below. 

The main things about fasting that I can gather is it gives your body more time to go into recovery mode because it’s not digesting and processing food.

Been reading that a three day fast is enough to reset a lot of inflammation and other markers.

I’m just not disciplined enough. My daily habits and patterns I can’t be arsed to fight. And I’d have to fight!

Fat loss is a side effect because ultimately one is restricting calories. And there are a lot of studies around longevity and health related to calorie restriction. Not just fat.

Reduce the sugar intake and that’s another useful change to the insulin resistance system of the body and hormonal response.

I should revisit my deficiency in my discipline!

Where does alcohol fit into this fasting business?