I ventured to the dark side today............... and i liked it!

Got the chance at last to take out Dudette’s VTR1000 today on dry, gravel free roads… hmmm what a bike. Felt right at home within a few miles, by the end of my hoooning around was loving it (apart from the miss fire at 7500rpm)

I want one, i think…

see…now you know why…Vee side…is the right side…:wink:

What, they all missfire at 7500rpm?:slight_smile:

As much as I love the VEE - I do like the brutal almost clinical efficiency of the IL4. :smiley:

dunno, mine doesnt:D

Sounds like time for a recall.:smiley:

I didn’t know Vees went up to 7500rpm :stuck_out_tongue:

pish orf:w00t:

what would you bloody know! you only seen teh back of one!:D:D

well the red bit starts at 10,000 rpm…

Not for long though once I overtake :stuck_out_tongue:

God, HERESY!!! Take mercy on this poor sinner’s soul.

How can you not agree that the jet-engine like whirr of the Blackbird’s IL4 is superiour to any noise this side of aircraft?

Sell that Blackbird then… You don’t deserve it. Maybe some other biker get to enjoy this Fine Piece of Engineering… pah! :pinch:

I wouldn’t do it if I were you, reasons as follows:

  1. You already have a tractor

  2. Fishing is fuggin boring

  3. They dont work in the wet

  4. You will start over compensating for the lack of cylinders by banging on about vee this, vee that and bore everybody on the forum to to death

:stuck_out_tongue: :D:D

For what it’s worth – precious little I imagine – I got a VTR Firestorm about six months ago and it’s been the first time I’ve stopped hankering after another bike and been satisfied with what I’ve got.

“Once you start, forever, will the darkside rule your life”


I have done what may only be called excellent riding (or just lucky!)

Knee down on a blackbird!!!

Then i saw the copper sitting the other side of the road… morning officers! :w00t:

you need a ride on the new r1 sid, best of both worlds but you got to get used to it the way it reacts:w00t: indeed scary

dream on…my torque will eat your ninja before you get anywhere near your power range:P:P thats if i dont deafen ya first!:smiley:

who woke the troll?:P:P were your twin…tugless:D:w00t:

gis a try:D